Unboxing // Fairyloot’s September ‘Witches Be Crazy’ Box

So it has actually been over a year since I last treated myself to a Fairyloot box but when I saw the September theme was Witch related, I just had to get it. I can safely say that Fairyloot have improved so much over the past few months and I love every item this box included. Of course, there are spoilers below so quickly depart if you haven’t received your box yet!


The first thing I saw in this box was this amazing pin that has my aesthetic down to the T. It’s a Starbucks inspired pin but with that witchy element that suits the box’s theme. It was designed by That’s Lovely Dear and it has immediately joined others on my denim jacket.


IMG_4341.jpgNext up we have the most beautiful set of playing cards with illustrations from Nicole and Crooked Yew on Instagram. Amongst the usual cards, you will find illustrations inspired by both Charmed and Sabrina as well as the Throne of Glass series. They are also decorated with silver sprayed edges!


IMG_4391.jpgI did let out a little squeal and immediately send a photo to Becky as soon as I saw this (and it’s the reason the box smells so good!) This is a little cauldron bath bomb and even though it smells amazing (melon scented) I will never be using it as it’s just too cute. This was made by the amazing Little Heart Gifts!


notebook.jpgThis cute little sticky notepad inspired by one of my all time favourite charters, Luna Lovegood was designed by the team at Fairyloot! I love that it’s pocket-sized and will be very handy to jot quick notes down on (or spells of course!)


IMG_4394.jpgWe also received the next set of tarot-inspired cards as I know these are a new feature of the box! This time they are inspired by the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi and were designed by the insanely talented Laura. Also included in the box was this insanely beautiful canvas tote bag filled with witchy designs. I love that this bag is a lot bigger than usual tote bags, perfect for fitting my laptop in. This was designed exclusively for Fairyloot by Band of Weirdos!


These adorable socks are not only perfectly sized for my small feet but are extremely comfortable. I love the addition of the witch hat and these were designed by the team at Fairyloot. Going to be perfect for the colder months!


IMG_4379.jpgAnother squeal from me when I opened up these as I have wanted to get metal straws for the longest time and now I finally have some – and they’re witch related! These were also kindly accompanied by a straw cleaner so I can keep them clean for many years to come!


final bookIMG_4425And finally last but certainly not least, we have the book and this month it’s Serpent & Dove by debut author Shelby Mahurin! This book has been on my radar for the longest time and now not only do I own it, but I own the most beautiful edition. This hardback has beautiful shimmery sprayed edges (pictures don’t do it justice), art work on the reverse dust jacket and it is signed by the author alongside a letter! I am so excited to finally read this and then display it proudly on my shelves!

Overall, I am simpressed by this box and will definitely be purchasing them again in the future!
Lots of Love,

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