Blogtober // September Witch Casket Unboxing

Blogtober // September Witch Casket Unboxing

In September, I purchased my first Witch Casket box after following them on Instagram for a long time and loving their items. I have to say the box definitely surpassed my expectations – there were fourteen items included, with many of them being exclusive to this box. Witch Crafts don’t release a theme beforehand, but Septembers box was all about meditation and mindfulness, and the items definitely reflected that. Click below to see what was inside!

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Unboxing // Fairyloot’s September ‘Witches Be Crazy’ Box

So it has actually been over a year since I last treated myself to a Fairyloot box but when I saw the September theme was Witch related, I just had to get it. I can safely say that Fairyloot have improved so much over the past few months and I love every item this box included. Of course, there are spoilers below so quickly depart if you haven’t received your box yet! Continue reading “Unboxing // Fairyloot’s September ‘Witches Be Crazy’ Box”

The Grisha Edition by Illumicrate

grisha1.jpgSo when Illumicrate announced their special Grisha Edition box to coincide with the release of The Language of Thorns, I told myself I didn’t need it. When there were only a few boxes left, I told myself that if I bought it, I’d end up with three copies of TLOT – the signed edition I’d preordered months ago from Waterstones, and the Fairyloot exclusive edition. The boxes sold out, and I saw everyone else’s unboxings. “Yeah, the items are amazing, but oh well, it’s too late now” I said. That’s when Illumicrate added extra boxes to their store – and of course, I ordered one without hesitation.
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