Travel Diary // Vienna, Austria

After spending a couple of days in Salzburg, we took the Westbahn over to Vienna. I have to say, although the two cities are only two and a half hours away from each other, they are completely different. Salzburg’s traditional Austrian countryside charm was far behind us and, as obvious as it sounds, we were very aware that we were in a bustling European capital city. I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we preferred Salzburg, but Vienna certainly had it’s charms – some of our highlights were St. Stephens Cathedral and the Natural History Museum.



We walked past Hofburg palace many times before actually realising it was a palace! It’s certainly a great photo spot but you will get accosted by lots of people dressed up as Mozart trying to get you to take a horse and carriage ride…


As I said earlier, St Stephens Cathedral (or Stephansdom) was one of the highlights of our trip to Vienna. Not only was it beautiful inside, but you can take a lift to the top and see some gorgeous views over the city – as well as get close up shots of the beautifully tiled roof!

IMG_14131IMG_8089IMG_1270topIMG_8104IMG_8099IMG_130023Untitled-1IMG_8067IMG_8167IMG_8074IMG_8161IMG_1420Untitled_Panorama1 copy

Although we did find Vienna quite busy and stressful, it’s definitely worth a short visit if you’re travelling in the area. If you decide to take a trip there for more than a couple of days I’d definitely recommend trying to take one of the day trips out of the city – such as to Schönbrunn Palace – which we didn’t have enough time to go on ourselves. It’s certainly a great city just to wander around and get lost in – each street corner makes for some gorgeous photos in its own unique way!

Lots of love,

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11 thoughts on “Travel Diary // Vienna, Austria

  1. Gorgeous photos!! I’ve only been to Vienna once briefly as we passed through and this makes me want to go back and take my time properly (unfortunately Australia is very far away so that won’t be happening any time soon)!


  2. Vienna is my hometown, so I am glad you didn’t absolutely hate it haha but the pictures you took were stunning! I can’t say I have ever taken such good ones in all the time I have been here haha


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