ARC Review // After the Eclipse by Fran Dorricott

Two solar eclipses. Two missing girls.

Sixteen years ago a little girl was abducted during the darkness of a solar eclipse while her older sister Cassie was supposed to be watching her. She was never seen again. When a local girl goes missing just before the next big eclipse, Cassie – who has returned to her home town to care for her ailing grandmother – suspects the disappearance is connected to her sister: that whoever took Olive is still out there. But she needs to find a way to prove it, and time is running out.

I was sent an ARC of After the Eclipse from Titan Books in exchange for an honest review. 

I don’t always read crime thrillers, but I’d been really excited to get hold of a copy of Fran’s debut ever since seeing it floating around on Twitter, and I’m so glad that i was able to get hold of an ARC! The book switches between two POV’s – Cassie in the present day as she returns to Bishop’s Green and thoughts of her long lost sister resurface, and Olive’s POV in the past when she’s disappeared.

After the Eclipse was a very dark story, full of twists as we slowly uncover who took Olive whilst Cassie is unravelling sixteen year old mysteries. I often thought I’d worked out who was to blame, but changed my mind as more evidence was found and ultimately didn’t work it out myself until close to the end. Cassie has been blaming herself for Olive’s disappearance for sixteen years, and this has taken a toll on her own mental health and her relationships. When she returns to Bishop’s Green and starts to see more and more connections between Olive and a girl who is abducted at the time of her return to the village, her desperation to get to the bottom of what happened to both girls grows.

What I really loved about After the Eclipse was that it didn’t solely deal with Olive’s disappearance and solving the crimes; Cassie’s anxiety and descent into depression and alcoholism were big themes of the book, as well as her guilt and frustration whilst trying to care for her Grandma who has dementia. There’s also an f/f relationship, and the way the girls were treated when they together when they were younger and how this affected them in present day was also looked at.

Overall, After the Eclipse was a story of self discovery (for multiple girls) and as upsetting as the content was, I did really enjoy seeing Cassie’s development. After the Eclipse is a fast paced page turner that I couldn’t put down – I actually nearly missed my train stop because I was just about to find out who did it as I was getting to my stop, but didn’t want to stop reading!

After the Eclipse is released on the 5th March from Titan Books.

lots of love,

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