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So I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever (and I’m pretty sure I’ve done barely any blog posts since we made the move over here to wordpress) but as some of you might have seen, not only have I had a lot going on with work and going on holiday, but the weekend before last, I went to YALC for the first time! I’ve planned a few YALC related posts which I’ll be posting over the next couple of weeks, but I thought I’d start off with something simple – my highlights of the weekend.

(Sorry in advance for the quality of the photo’s in this post – they’re all just quick snaps I took on my phone during the weekend!)

1. Meeting authors
So of course, one of my big highlights of YALC was getting to meet so many wonderful authors! Amongst others, I met and spoke to Alwyn Hamilton, Ryan Graudin, Samantha Shannon, Holly Bourne, Virginia Bergin, Hayley Barker, Alice Broadway, Elizabeth May, Lauren James, Laura Steven, Chloe Seager, I met Laini Taylor once again, and to top it all off, V. E. Schwab. All of them were so lovely and so willing to chat and take photos, despite their hugely busy schedules. A lot of the authors were often wandering around as well, so it was easy enough to talk to them even if you didn’t have much time during their signings.

2. Spending the weekend with some blogger friends
So since we all went to Laini Taylor’s Liverpool event together in April, myself, Amy, Lauren and Beth have been meeting up for other bookish events, book shopping or just for catch ups, and I’m so glad I was able to spend YALC with them and also with Lauren, who we met for the first time at YALC and who fit into our little group instantly! I couldn’t have asked for better people to spend my first YALC with!

3. Meeting other bloggers
Another big highlight for me, after we got over general social awkwardness (and also ignoring the difficulty of working out who people are just from their twitter photos) was meeting so many other bloggers who I’ve followed for so long! I’m quite a socially anxious person, but at a place like YALC, you’re never going to be the only one who feels that way and aren’t judged for it at all.

4. Meeting Two Candle Thieves fans
So I’d been advertising on our Two Candle Thieves accounts that I’d be giving out goodie bags throughout the weekend, and thankfully, people did come and find me to get these bags (I was so nervous that I’d end up taking them all home with me because no one would want them!). My anxiety over this was lessened after meeting Charnell (@reviews_from_a_bookworm on instagram) on the first day – she came over to me in the queue and told me she loved our candles, which made me feel so much better! I also met Kasia (@kashpoint) who’d previously bought our Six of Crows stickers and stuck them onto the case she had with her!

5. Swag and ARC’s
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy picking up so many freebees! To be honest, one of the big highlights for me was the amount of badges and pins given out – I love adding badges to everything so getting my hands on more was never going to be a bad thing. Although I did manage to grab quite a few ARC’s that I’m really excited to read, I was quite disappointed with the way that a lot of them were given away (mostly involving running to the publisher’s stand and the first one there/first one to perform a certain dance move etc won it) however, I’ll be talking about that more in detail in one of my later posts.

ARC’s and swag I picked up on day one of YALC!



Overall, I really did have an amazing weekend at YALC, despite the minor setbacks throughout the weekend. Keep an eye out for more posts about it over the next few weeks!

Love Becky @



3 thoughts on “YALC Highlights

  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! The only author out of those that I’ve met is Ryan Graudin but she’s so nice! I’d expect them all to be awesome haha. Oooh! didn’t know you made candles! *heart eyes* Book events are always so much fun to attend 😀


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