Behind the Blogger Part II – Katy Belle

Lauren Evie (3)

I came across Katy’s Twitter account and therefore, blog, a few months back when another blogger promoted her. If you know me, you know I’m not a huge follower of fashion bloggers. Although I admire them greatly, I’m not into fashion and wear the same thing pretty much every day. Despite Katy being a fashion blogger, she is also a lifestyle blogger and I love her think pieces. Overall, regardless of what style of blogging you’re into, I think you’ll find something you like on Katy Belle’s blog! Here are some questions I asked her –  Continue reading “Behind the Blogger Part II – Katy Belle”

Bloggers I’m Currently Loving Part III


So we’ve almost come to the end of February and after January decided to go on longer than a DFS sale, flying through this month has shook me. But for now, here are some more bloggers that I’ve been loving recently. Nothing inspires me more in the blogging community more than other bloggers and as I’ve said already, this is the year that we should all support each other! Continue reading “Bloggers I’m Currently Loving Part III”

BRAND COLLABORATION // Tangible Stationary

This year, we’ve wanted to try our hand at working with different brands, shops and companies. I’ve been keeping an eye on the #bloggerswanted hashtag on Twitter and a few weeks back I came across a tweet from @Truly_Tangible asking if any bloggers wanted to receive some products in exchange for an honest review. As you already know, I’m a huge fan of stationary so I jumped at this opportunity. I was allowed to choose products from their shop and they arrived in such a quick amount of time and were perfectly wrapped. Continue reading “BRAND COLLABORATION // Tangible Stationary”

Twenty-Five goals by 25

Me Mousey

So, I’m turning twenty-five this June, and I have to say I’ve been having a bit of a quarter life crisis about this. I’ve got to that stage where I’m constantly moaning about being old to my mostly younger work colleagues, where I can’t stay up past 10pm without getting moody, where a night in with a takeaway sounds way more appealing than going out drinking until the next morning, and where I take midday naps on my days off.
I don’t quite feel as young as that chubby redhead baby (also can we just talk about how nineties everything in that photo is?) but I don’t feel like I’m halfway to fifty either – so I decided to make a little list of goals that I want to complete in the next four months before my birthday. Some of these are tiny things, and some are huge goals that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time – hopefully though, I’ll get them all done or have them planned in before my birthday!

Continue reading “Twenty-Five goals by 25”

Brand Collaboration // Sherbet Box Club

After seeing a tweet sent out by a company called Sherbet Lane asking if any bloggers would be interested in reviewing their upcoming subscription box, I went for it and sent an email to its owner, Claire. A few days later, I got an email back saying that over 100 bloggers had entered and being a small blog, I didn’t think we had a chance but then she revealed that we had been chosen! Before we get into the cute, letterbox size box, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Claire for allowing us to review her work and I can say now, this is definitely a subscription box I’ll be getting again in the future! If you have subscribed, please be aware of spoilers below!

Untitled_Panorama1.jpg Continue reading “Brand Collaboration // Sherbet Box Club”

Behind the Blogger Part I – Lauren Evie

Hi! Welcome to yet another series on Two Book Thieves. As well as promoting our own blog this year, we also want to spread the love amongst the blogging community! As well as my current Bloggers I’m Currently Loving series, we also came up with the idea of ‘interviewing’ some of our favourites. Each person featured will be asked a few questions by us and you get to read their answers and get to know the person behind the blog! We hope you love them as much as we do.

Lauren Evie (2).png Continue reading “Behind the Blogger Part I – Lauren Evie”

Bloggers I’m Currently Loving Part II


Welcome to part II of the bloggers who I am obsessed with at the moment. I’ll just go ahead and say that bloggers are already smashing it in 2018 and I want to do whatever I can to promote them and congratulate their hard work because let’s face it, this game isn’t easy. In slightly unrelated news, you may have noticed that we now have our own domain name! We finally made this leap and now I can’t stop staring at it. I don’t miss the ‘’ at all. Anyway, back to the important people who have inspired me, made me laugh and even made me cry recently.  Continue reading “Bloggers I’m Currently Loving Part II”

2017 Wrap Up

So does anyone else think 2017 has flown by? I still remember New Years Eve 2016 as though it was yesterday and we’re now just a few days away from being in 2018!
This year has been a big year for us both – not only have we continued to expand our blog but we also opened our bookish candle store, Two Candle Thieves, and have been really invested in developing it. We’re almost at 4000 followers on our Two Candle Thieves Instagram account, which we’re so happy with – we only started this account in March and never expected our little venture to reach so many people!
Blog wise, we made the move over to WordPress a couple of months ago and it was definitely the right decision for our blog – we’ve managed to increase our overall reach and hopefully you guys like what we’ve been doing in terms of posts and our new blog design.

2017 BOOKS
We did write a post on our favourite books of the year, BEST BOOKS OF 2017, but one 2017 release we both absolutely adored was The Tiger’s Daughter by K. Arsenault Rivera!

2017 FILMS

There have been so many great films out this past year, and of course, one of the stand outs was The Last Jedi. I absolutely adored this movie; I’ve always been a bit of a Star Wars fangirl, and I know TLJ got a lot of mixed reviews, but it was one of my favourites so far! Although some aspects of the film are questionable, we also just had to mention Wonder Woman – for the No Man’s Land scene if nothing else!

2017 MUSIC

Our choices here are a bit of a mixed bag, but some stand out songs for us from the past year are Hollow Coves by Coastline, Grace by Rag’n’Bone Man, and Havana by Camila Cabello.

2017 TV

We’ve both been huge Sense8 fans since the first season premiered, so of course, season two is high on both of our lists for our favourite tv shows from 2017! If you haven’t seen it, Sense8 is a show that follows a cluster of eight ‘sensates’ who are mentally linked. Its seriously good sci-fi and full of diverse characters, and trust us when we say, all eight members of the cluster will become your children. The A Word is a British tv show following a family’s journey after learning that their five year old son Joe has autism.

2017 BLOGS
We’ve been trying to promote other blogs this year (you may have seen Angharad’s recent post showcasing some of her favourite blogs) so here’s a few that we’ve been loving this year!

Almost Amazing Grace
lauren evie
Rhianna Olivia
A Beautiful Chaos
Vix Meldrew
A Girl & Grey
Thunder and Threads
That Backpacker
Flora the Explorer


2017 ART

2017 has brought us some amazing artwork, and lots of bookish fanart that all of us bookworms have been fawning over. I think like the rest of the YA book community, we’ve fallen in love with Charlie Bowater’s work. We also wanted to give a shoutout to the lovely Julia (@liyadraws on Instagram) who created the amazing painting for the two of us and Jemma Wade for the incredibly intricate Stark-inspired drawing that I had to buy and frame on my wall this year!

So those are some of our general favourites in 2017. As I post this, there are only a few hours left until 2018 so we both hope you have had the best year but make it even better in the next. Lots of love from us to you. You guys rock!
Angharad & Becky
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