The Grisha Edition by Illumicrate

grisha1.jpgSo when Illumicrate announced their special Grisha Edition box to coincide with the release of The Language of Thorns, I told myself I didn’t need it. When there were only a few boxes left, I told myself that if I bought it, I’d end up with three copies of TLOT – the signed edition I’d preordered months ago from Waterstones, and the Fairyloot exclusive edition. The boxes sold out, and I saw everyone else’s unboxings. “Yeah, the items are amazing, but oh well, it’s too late now” I said. That’s when Illumicrate added extra boxes to their store – and of course, I ordered one without hesitation.
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Illumicrate November Unboxing

This month I received my first ever Illumicrate box and to make things better, it arrived on my birthday so it was a surprise gift. Illumicrate is a UK-based book subscription box that is sent out every three months – this makes it handy if you can’t afford other subscription boxes every month. It features a newly release book and other bookish goodies and it’s obvious the creators put a lot of thought and effort into it. So here’s what I received in November’s box – 

| A Coffee Cosy by Sparrow + Wolf |
This was designed exclusively for this month’s box by the amazing Sparrow + Wolf (which incidentally is a name of one of my favourite songs.) This Cosy is perfect for putting on your travel mugs when you’ve got to go out in the wintery months. Unfortunately, I don’t own a travel mug and I don’t like coffee but I did put it on a normal mug so you could see the beautiful design. 
| ‘AIDAN’ Candle by Meraki Candles | 
I have been meaning to purchase a candle from this wonderful company for a while as the designs and scents look beautiful and it’s also UK-based. The one included in this box was also another exclusive for Illumicrate and is based on a character from this month’s book. It smells of bergamot, sandalwood and mercy (ooo) and my mother has already stolen it and lit it. 
| Evil Plans Notebook by House of Wonderland |
Okay, so if you know me, you know that the design of this notebook is everything I could have asked for and although I’ve got a house full of them, one can never have too many notebooks, especially for scribbling in your evil plans. This is another exclusive for Illumicrate! It has blank pages, the cover is shiny and it’s good quality and it’s a nice little size. 
| Striped Socks by Happy Socks |
As much as I love socks, I was cursed/blessed with very small feet so I was afraid they weren’t going to fit but they did and they are so comfy! A straight forward design but with bold colours, these are perfect and made from cotton so they aren’t too thick. Perfect addition to the box in this wintery weather.
| The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid |
This was the book we got in this month’s box. A newly released sci-fi novel following the story of a Diabolic, a humanoid teenager with only one task: kill in order to protect the person you’ve been created for. This book has been on my radar for a while but not enough for me to purchase it. I’m a huge fan of science-fiction and I love ruthless, anti-heroic characters. The book also came with a signed book plate, letter and bookmark. 
The box also included little added extras such as Wolf by Wolf stickers, an ARC snippet of The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr, a Christmas gift tag and some posters/postcards from Replica, Caraval, All the Bright Places, Holding Up the Universe and Unconventional.