Authors Recommend Their Favourite LGBTQIA+ Reads | Part I – Diana Pinguicha

As I was writing up my LGBTQIA+ release series, I found myself wondering what inspiration was behind these books and if the authors of our favourites could recommend any other books, what would they be? So, I went ahead and contacted some authors and I was lucky enough to hear back from them. First off, we have Diana Pinguicha who is the author of A Curse of Roses, a Portuguese historical fantasy that will be released in December of this year! As this book features a f/f romance, I asked Diana to recommend some of her favourite books also featuring an sapphic romance and some reasons why. So without further ado, here are Diana’s recommendations –

First up is a book that got shoved in my favorites shelf so fast the walls rocked from impact: YOU SHOULD SEE ME IN A CROWN by Leah Johnson. Liz is such a great main character, and her romance with Mack is absolutely adorable. I was all warm and giddy reading about their dates, the promposal, and how it all wraps together in the end. My soul was healed when I read that book.

The second is THROWAWAY GIRLS by Andrea Contos. Thrillers aren’t usually my thing, but this one, oh my god. It grabbed me from the page, with Caroline being an incredibly complex protagonist who burrows into your heart with every sentence. The way her story intertwined with Willa’s and how it all unravels the more Caroline searches for her missing best friend is nothing short of genius even if it broke my heart several times.

The third one is THE NAMES WE TAKE by Trace Kerr. It’s set in the near-future, where a disease has wiped out a lot of humanity, and follows Pip as she tries to survive what’s left. The elements of found family, staying true to oneself, and doing everything to keep those you love safe are all there. The romance is not the main focus, but it was sweet and I so appreciated Pip finally giving herself a chance at being romantically involved with someone else.

Honorable mention to Tracy Deonn’s LEGENDBORN, which I’m reading right now and it’s hard to keep myself from breathing the rest of the book in. And I’m so looking forward to Mara Fitzgerald’s BEYOND THE RUBY VEIL, as well as Julia Ember’s RUINSONG!

Huge thank you to Diana for taking part in this series and sharing some of her favourite f/f stories with me. Make sure to keep an eye out for A Curse of Roses on December 1st and for now, keep up to date on her socials!
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Lots of Love,

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