MOST ANTICIPATED April 2020 YA RELEASES (Belated Edition)


So during the end of March and throughout April, I went through a bit of a reading slump which ultimately meant a blog slump so I missed the April edition of this series. I thought about maybe skipping over it but then remembered, there were still releases I was excited for and still want to feature so here we go! Remember I have a separate series featuring 2020 releases with LGBTQ+ characters, so check it out here so I don’t repeat books!


49196286._SY475_Deep Water by Sarah Epstein
Release Date: April 1st

One genre I haven’t read a lot of over the years is definitely YA mystery thrillers, purely because I grew up reading adult mystery thrillers from a young age (thank you, mother) so I definitely want to give it a shot. This is one I’ve heard good things about so it’s definitely somewhere to start. We follow the events after thirteen year old, Henry disappears during a storm as well as meeting Henry’s older brother, Mason and friend, Chloe. Mason doesn’t know what he’s truly capable of but the one thing keeping him in their small town is Henry and Chloe is determined to get answers. I for one am excited for all the twists and turns we’re sure to get.



Little Universes by Heather Demetrios44222386
Releases Date: April 7th

This YA contemporary has been on my radar for a while especially as I’ve heard it’s one big sob fest. It follows the story of sisters Mae and Hannah who sadly lose their parents during a tsunami. What follows is the girl’s journey as they have to move from California to Boston as well as their senior year of high school. Battling with grief, it appears that instead of bringing the sisters together, it has instead torn them apart. We follow their stories – Hannah, a poet who falls into the clutches of drug addiction and Mae, the aspiring astronaut with an unexpected love. It sounds heartbreaking, let’s go. TW: Opioid Addiction, Overdose, Abortion, Cheating, Depression, Suicide Attempt



51093245._SX318_SY475_The Lucky Ones by Liz Lawson
Release Date: April 7th

Another YA contemporary that has heartbreak on the cards is this one following the story of May who eleven months after losing her twin brother in a school shooting, is still struggling with survivor’s guilt being the only one who was left alive. Meanwhile, Zach’s life has fallen apart since his mother decided to defend the school shooter. He loses everybody but when one night his only remaining friend invites him to band practice, it’s there he bumps into May. Being on different sides, this is the story about surviving, despite the odds. TW for school shooting, PTSD, panic attacks



The Lightness of Hands by Jeff Garvin49609384._SX318_SY475_
Release Date: April 14th

This coming-of-age tale deals with a mental illness not explored too often in YA which is bipolar disorder. We follow Ellie Dante, daughter of failed magician who now lives with him in a beat-up RV whilst attending online school and performing with him in various bars to make ends meet. However, when they soon run out of money, both her dad’s heart condition and her bipolar soon must go untreated. However, when Ellie is contacted by a famous magic duo who offer her and her dad a big amount of money to perform live in LA, Ellie must make the choice for them in order to survive.
TW: self harm & suicide 



50158128._SX318_SY475_Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko
Release Date: August 18th

This YA fantasy has been on my radar for a while and not just because of the most beautiful cover. Our main character, Tarisai has always longed for the love of a family but raised in isolation by an absent mother purely known as The Lady, this is something she has always lived without. When Tarisai is sent to the capital to compete with other children for the chance of being chose as one of the Crown Prince’s Council, she will be with others whose bond is as close as blood – something she has always longed for. However, it isn’t long before Tarisai discovers that The Lady has put a magical curse on her – to kill the Crown Prince. Torn between magic and the chance of love, is she strong enough to fight?




The Easy Part of Impossible by Sarah Tomp49950372._SX318_SY475_
Release Date: April 21st

Another YA contemporary that sounds amazing tells the story of Ria who after an injury, finds herself off the diving team despite being set out for the Olympics. However, her friendship with Cotton, a childhood friend on the autism spectrum helps her come to terms with the abuse she faced at the hands of her former coach. Struggling with ADHD, diving was the only form of escape Ria had but that was until her strict coach and his rules controller her entire life. However when Ria is offered a second chance to dive, she must make the choice between abandoning her dream or being under the control of her coach again. What do you do when the thing you love is also the thing you fear? TW: abuse




44280973The Silence of Bones by June Hur
Release Date: April 21st

This is one I have been excited for for a while purely because it’s aa historical fiction set in Korea during 1800, an era and location I do not know anything about sadly. We meet orphaned 16 year old, Seol who is living out an ancient curse. However, she is soon tasked with assisting a young inspector to help solve a political murder of a noblewoman. As well as delving into the dead woman’s history, it isn’t long before Seol and the inspector strike up an unlikely friendship. That is until he becomes the prime suspect and it is up to her to help solve it alone as well as clearing his name. However, Seol lives in a world where curiosity is considered a threat and women are not respected so will she risk everything? TW: torture 




Incendiary by Zoraida Córdova 52888729._SX318_SY475_
Release Date: April 28th

I was kindly gifted a review copy of this a while back but because of my huge reading slump, I never got around to it. However, I am still highly anticipating it. This start of a series YA fantasy follows Renata Convida who was just a child when she was kidnapped and brought to live in a luxurious palace. Gifted with a rare magical ability to steal memories, her gift unwillingly caused the death of thousands of her own people. Now she is a spy with a goal to help her fellow magical Moria whilst working against the Crown. Will her gift be able to save her people who endanger them even further?




40245031._SY475_Don’t Call the Wolf by Aleksandra Ross
Release Date: April 28th

This Eastern European fantasy is marketed for fans of both Leigh Bardugo and Holly Black so I am already sold. We follow Ren, the queen of the forest who is losing her battle against the Golden Dragon and its horde of monsters who have descended onto her land. However, when she discovers Lukasz, the survivor of a group of dragon hunters, she soon strikes a deal with him – as long as Ren helps Lukasz find his vanished brother, he will help her defeat the monsters. However, promises are easily broken and maybe the deal isn’t as simple as Ren first thought.


Did you pick any of these books up in April?
Lots of Love,

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