As always, these are in order of release and if I have any information about the books wrong, please let me know in the comments! I also have a lot more books, featuring a lot more identities, written down and will add them as soon as covers are revealed! I hope, as always, you find something you love – and more importantly, a character you can see yourselves in.



45990075._SY475_Nottingham: The True Story of Robyn Hood by Anna Burke
(lesbian MC, trans side character)

Is 2020 the year of a very queer Robin Hood retelling? Absolutely. We follow Robyn who finds herself on the run and deep inside the Sherwood forest. Her only goal is to provide for her family but when the Sheriff increases the tax in England to the highest it has ever been, she must take matters into her own hands. Recruiting a group of merry women as well as the Sheriff’s own daughter, Marian who is as intriguing as she is beautiful, the group plan to achieve the biggest height in Nottingham’s history.
Release Date: January 21st



Ceremonials by Katharine Coldiron47563946
(f/f romance) 

This twelve-part lyric novella inspired by Florence + the Machine tells the story of two girls, Amelia and Corisande and how they fell in love at boarding school. However, when Corisande tragically dies just before graduation, Amelia not only has to handle her grief, but also Corisande’s ghost. Described as a narrative ‘about obsession, the Minotaur, and the veil between life and death,’ this is definitely a quick but imaginary read. Plus, look at that stunning cover!
Release Date: February 11th




27225958._SY475_Birdie and Me by J.M.M. Nuanez
(gender non-conforming character)

This middle-grade novel tells the story of siblings Jack and her her gender creative little brother, Birdie who after the death of their mother, find themselves without a place to call home. So when their mother’s two brothers, Uncle Carl (who proves unreliable) and then Uncle Patrick, try to provide a home, a hilarious and heart-warming story ensues. Ultimately this story is about family and where we find it and how we love it, as dysfunctional as they may be. A beautiful debut novel to keep an eye on!
Release Date: February 18th




Finna by Nino Cipri44081573._SY475_
(queer rep – unsure on specifics)

This sci-fi novella all about multidimensions takes place when an elderly customer falls through a portal into a new dimension whilst shopping for furniture and it’s up to the employees to track her whilst protecting their company’s reputation. Add to that, the two employees in question broke up only a week ago. However, can a friendship follow the end of a relationship? And will they find this lost customer? I’ve heard this book features a queer romance as well as exploring gender identity!
Release Date: February 25th




44281011Havenfall by Sara Holland
(bisexual MC)

This YA fantasy has been on my radar for a while but it’s only recently I learned it had a bisexual MC so I’m even more excited to read it. We follow the story of Maddie Morrow who lives at Havenfall Inn – a safe haven and sanctuary that connects ancient worlds that each have their own magic. Dealing with the fact her mother is on trial for the murder of Maddie’s brother, she hopes to one day inherit the role of Innkeeper from her uncle. However, when a body is found, Maddie soon finds herself responsible for everybody’s safety with help from alluring staffer, Taya. Not to mention a creature on the loose and an injured uncle.
Release Date: March 3rd



Under the Rainbow by Celia Laskey39680473._SY475_
(queer MCs)

In this fiction book, we follow the story of a group of social activists who enter a small town known as ‘the most homophobic town in the US.’ Their goal is to live and work with the community for two years in the hopes to broaden their minds and change their homophobic views. We follow many characters including Avery, who is desperate to fit into the town’s high school after having to leave Los Angeles. However, she’s worried it won’t be long before her mother outs her. We also follow Linda who welcomes the arrivals whilst grieving the death of her son. I’m not sure as to trigger warnings yet so do keep an eye out closer to publication!
Release Date: March 3rd




49245102The Stone of Sorrow by Brooke Carter
(f/f romance, non-binary rep)

In this YA fantasy we follow the story of Runa Unnursdóttir, a seventeen year old runecaster living in a land of ice and myth. However, she is not the runecaster her clan hopes for and spends her time dreaming of exploring the world and she’s definitely not as talented as her sister, Sýr. However, when her sister is kidnapped when an evil clan led by a witch invades her village, Runa must act. Teaming up with a fallen Valkyrie and a gorgeous half-elf, she must enter a runecasting competition and face the destiny she was always meant to follow.
Release Date: April 7th




Tack & Jibe by Lilah Suzanne48752127._SY475_
(f/f romance)

Raised on a small island, Willa has lived a life by the sea – hanging out with friends on the beach, working at a sailing shop and even running an Instagram account dedicated to sailing. However, when her follows enter her into a national sailing competition, Willa will have to actually learn how to sail. Desperate not to show her somewhat fraudulent lifestyle, Willa recruits sailing champion, Laneto help her. As the two train, Willa can’t help her growing crush on Lane as well as the the worry over the upcoming competition.
Release Date: April 7th




42302727._SY475_Bonds of Brass by Emily Skrutskie
(bisexual MCs)

In this YA sci-fi novel young pilot, Ettian Nassun has spent seven years training to become the best pilot after merciless Umber Empire invaded. As well as that, he also has his best friend and roommate, Gal Veres who he trusts more than anything – and may even love. However, when an assassination attempt on Gal is revealed, Ettian soon realises that Gal himself is the heir to the Umber Empire. Forced to save his best friend and flee, Ettian must make the decision whether to safely bring Gal to the throne hoping he can transform the Empire or join the rebellion to bring revenge against the Umber Empire. In the words of the author – ‘and two disastrous bisexual boys who might bring the entire galaxy down around them for each other.’ Sign me up.
Release Date: April 7th




Elysium Girls by Kate Pentecost38579695._SY475_
(questioning MC, sapphic LI)

I couldn’t find the exact representation for this book but I believe the MC shows an interest in her female friend but does not express romantic interest. However, the Love Interest is queer. So although it may have sapphic characters, I don’t think it has a f/f romance (please correct me if I’m wrong!) However, this YA fantasy is described as ‘Mad Max: Fury Road meets Caraval in an alternate history American Dust Bowl, the book features a girl gang of witches and a wildcard demon.’ Which I believe is a better summary than I could come up with. So need I say more really? Plus, heart eyes for that cover.
Release Date: April 14th



48338804._SY475_The Prettiest Star by Carter Sickels
(gay MC)

This adult novel follows the story of Brian who is returning to his childhood home after spending majority of his years in New York. However, it is there that AIDs would claim the lives of his lover, friends and his future. Knowing his fate, Brian wishes to return home to a place he once desperately wanted to escape. Set in 1986 during the AIDs epidemic, this is a heartbreaking story of family and redemption and brings light to the stories that weren’t told.
Release Date: April 14th




The Knockout Queen by Rufi Thorpe42346494._SX318_
(gay MC)

Described as a story about ‘the complexity and urgency of best friendship,’ this fiction novel follows the story of extremely intelligent, gay teenager named Michael and his next door neighbour, Bunny who is noticed mainly for her above-average height. They bond over the hatred they have for their differences – Bunny for her looks and Michael for his taste in the ‘wrong’ people. However, when an accidental act of violence occurs, the pair find themselves and their bond transformed. Overall, it is the story detailing the importance of friendship and the lengths we’d go to to protect it.
Release Date: April 28th




49291330I Think I Love You by Auriane Desombre
(f/f romance)

In this YA contemporary, we follow the story of rivals, Emma and Sophia. Emma is a die-hard romantic and a lot more practically minded than Sophia and when she finds herself competing against her for a once in a lifetime trip to a film festival in Los Angeles, it isn’t long before their rivalry steadily turns into romance. I don’t know much else about this story but it is described as a ‘pitch perfect queer romance’ with both laugh-out-loud moments and heartwarming moments. Plus, that cover is giving me all sorts of feelings.
Release Date: June 2nd



Where We Go From Here by Lucas Rocha48710353._SY475_
(gay MCs)

This YA contemporary follows the story of three boys – Ian who has just been diagnosed with HIV, Victor who has tested negative and Henrique who has been living with it for three years. Upon getting tested, Victor questions his entire relationship with Henrique after he finds out, that despite knowing he was HIV-positive and using every precaution, Henrique did not tell Victor. So when Victor meets Ian who unfortunately tests positively, Victor decides to put aside his anger with Henrique and bring the two together to support each other. The three soon become entwined in a ‘story of friendship, love, and self-acceptance.’
Release Date: June 2nd



49811667._SX318_SY475_Conventionally Yours by Annabeth Albert
(m/m romance)

In this YA contemporary, Conrad Stewart appears to have it all – popularity, charisma… but in reality, he’s struggling to hold onto everything in his life. In comparison, intelligent and driven Alden Roth is the poster boy for perfection but in secret, he can’t help but feel a little broken. However, when these two rivals are stuck with each other on a cross-country roadtrip to a convention, they soon discover an unexpected connection. Will they let their emotions get in the way of winning the upcoming gaming competition?
Release Date: June 2nd




The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water by Zen Cho45166076._SY475_
(queer rep)

In this beautifully named and beautifully designed fantasy novella, Zen Cho tells the story of ‘found family wuxia fantasy that combines the vibrancy of old school martial arts movies with characters drawn from the margins of history.’ This Chinese bandit fantasy starts when a bandit walks into a coffeehouse and it all steadily gets worse from there. Although I know this has queer characters and perhaps a relationship, I don’t know the exact representation but I will update if I find out!
Release Date: June 23rd




48636190._SY475_The Lady Upstairs by Halley Sutton
(f/f romance)

This adult fiction follows the story of Jo whose job it is to blackmail and bring down the worst men in Los Angeles – everyone from corrupt cops, adulterous actors and handsy Hollywood producers. She uses the money she makes to pay off her debt but more importantly, bring power back to the women of the city. However, eager to prove herself to her co-worker Lou and their boss, known only as the Lady Upstairs, Jo begins to take on riskier jobs. And when a job goes wrong and a target is murdered, Jo finds herself on the run from both the cops and Lady Upstairs and she must do everything to free both herself and Lou even if that means taking on her biggest job yet – a political star.
Release Date: July 14th




Architects of Memory by Karen Osborne44438351
(bisexual MC)

This sci-fi novel tells the story of Ash Jackson, a pilot with a terminal illness who lost everything during a war with the alien, Vai. However, she is determined not to lose her future and is willing to do anything to find a cure. So when she and her crew discover a genocidal weapon from a dead colony’s spaceship during a salvage trip, Ash discovers a conspiracy that changes everything she thought she knew. And it isn’t long before Ash herself, armed with knowledge, becomes a living weapon. I believe this features a f/f romance also!
Release Date: August 25th



40032360._SY475_The Bridge by Bill Konigsberg
(gay MC) (suicide TW)

In this YA contemporary, two teenagers, previously strangers, find themselves standing on the edge of a bridge at the same time. Aaron is gay and finds himself as nothing more than a misfit struggling with depression and loneliness. Tillie isn’t sure what the main source of her problem is – however, she feels she will never be good enough. We follow their stories, both individually and together, as they stand atop the bridge. Please make sure to research trigger warnings before going into this one.
Release Date: September 1st



Here the Whole Time by Vitor Martins48997636
(m/m romance)

This body-positive YA contemporary is a love story between two boys who somehow find themselves living together for 15 days during school break. Felipe knows he is fat and spends his school days constantly being teased and reminded of his weight. So he’s happy to finally enter school break when he can get away from the bullying and enjoy his favourite tv shows and Youtube tutorials. However, when Felipe’s mother reveals that their neighbour, Caio (and Felipe’s longterm crush) will be staying with them whilst his parents are on vacation, Felipe goes into full-blown panic mode. However, spending every waking moment together, the two soon find themselves dealing with both their individual insecurities and the blossoming relationship between them.
Release Date: November 10th

Lots of Love,

14 thoughts on “2020 LGBTQ+ RELEASES PART V

  1. Oh, I cannot wait for Elysium Girls and Bond of Brass!

    Talking about the first one, since the MC showed no romantic interesting, maybe there are chances for her to be aromantic? And their relationship maybe a queerplatonic too? Now I’m very curious


  2. Thank you for these posts! My Goodreads TBR is growing far too large but I’m glad of it 😁 I was already aware of Bonds of Brass and Elysium Girls but I am very interested in Finna and The Order of Pure Moon Reflected In Water. Both those books sound right up my alley so thank you for introducing them to me!


  3. This post (and this series!) is an AMAZING source of info and I can’t even begin to imagine how much work it was to put it all together!! So many titles I didn’t know about, I need to take a better, proper look at some of those but I was immediately drawn to The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water (what a nice title, too)!


    1. Aw thank you so much! A lot of work but totally worth it for people to discover some amazing books. The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water looks and sounds so beautiful – I hope you enjoy it ❤


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