November Releases // 2019


So November appears to be a big month in the publishing world, especially November 5th as you will soon see, so I thought I’d put together a small list of some books being released this month. Of course, these aren’t all of them but these are the ones that I’ve either been anticipating or have caught my eye recently. I hope you find something that captures your attention!

Girls of Storm and Shadow
by Natasha Ngan
(November 5th)

I didn’t want to include too many sequels in this list but I just had to include this one as its prequel, Girls of Paper and Fire, was one of my favourite reads when I finally got around to it in the summer. To avoid sequel spoilers, the first book follows a fantasy world where each year, eight girls are chosen as Paper Girls to serve the king as his concubines. However this year, there are nine girls chosen and Lei is chosen for her unusual golden eyes. TW for sexual assault. 



Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater 31373184
(November 5th)

The first book in a new series and following the story of Ronan Lynch after the events of The Raven Cycle. After coming to terms with his ability to pull things from dreams and alter reality, Ronan’s life becomes intertwined with Jordan Hennessy, a thief who also shares Ronan’s gift and Carmen Farooq-Lane, a hunter and sister of a dreamer brother who tasks herself with ridding the town of people with these gifts.



The Starless Sea
by Erin Morgenstern
(November 5th)

I have to admit that I am the very small minority who did not like Erin’s most well-known book, The Night Circus, at all so this was not originally on my radar. However, after hearing all the amazing reviews, I had to pre-order (plus that UK cover!!) I am deliberately not reading too much of the synopsis because I want to go in blind. However, it is described as whimsical, magical and it includes magical libraries. What more could you want?




The Guinevere Deception
by Kiersten White
(November 5th)

What is better than the King Arthur legend? A retelling from the point of view of Guinevere as she enters Camelot as a Princess who has been tasked by Merlin to protect Arthur himself. Although the romance between the pair is still a feature in the story, it is by no means a huge part of the plot and features more on Guinevere herself and her magic.




43884209Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert
(November 5th)

This adult contemporary has been on my radar for a while despite it not being my usual genre. However, this story follows Chloe Brown, who lives with fibromyalgia. Fed up of feeling like she’s not living her life to the fullest, she makes a list and recruits her neighbour to help her experience the world –  everything from camping to meaningless sex – Chloe wants to do it all and next door neighbour, Redford is the perfect guy to help. The typical bad boy with a sensitive streak.



by Shea Ernshaw
(November 5th)

This young adult fantasy follows the story of Nora Walker, who like her family before her, has a special connection with the woods surrounding her town. And it is through this connection that she finds Oliver Huntsman, a boy who has been missing since a bad snowstorm weeks ago. One problem – he has no recollection of what happened to him and Nora senses a dark presence around him.





Sisters of Shadow and Light by Sara B. Larson
(November 5th)

The tale of two sisters, Zuhra and Inara, who have grown up in a once magical fortress, Citadel of the Paladins, that has since been abandoned. The once magical warriors, including their father, have long disappeared and nobody knows why. They are now imprisoned by a magical hedge and despite having to care for their emotionally broken mother, Inara has inherited her father’s magical powers and wants to use it to hopefully escape.




Queen of the Conquered by Kacen Callender 44286509
(November 12th)

Featuring a cover with that fictional snake we all know and love, this story tells the story of Sigourney Rose, the only surviving daughter of nobility on the islands of Hans Lollik. When she was younger, she watched her family slaughtered and villagers enslaved and now she is ready to get revenge. Sigourney has the ability to read and control minds and she uses this power to get herself to the King. Despite previous confusions, this book is an adult fantasy!



43131625Blood Heir by Amélie Wen Zhao
(November 19th)

This YA fantasy has only been on my radar for a short amount of time and therefore, I wasn’t aware of the controversy that surrounded it and resulted in it almost not getting published. However, through people I trust, I have seen that certain aspects of the book have been amended but I would suggest doing some research if you’re still unsure. Crown Princess, Anastacya Mikhailov was born with a strange gift, the ability to control blood but it is this gift that has caused her to be hidden within the palace walls. Soon framed as her father’s murderer, she must flee and bring justice by finding the real killer.


What is your most anticipated book this month?
Lots of Love,

12 thoughts on “November Releases // 2019

  1. I am not sure I am fully ready for Call Down the Hawk, but I want to be! I really liked the Raven Cycle, but at the same time, it’s been a while since I was in that world and I don’t want any new books to taint my experience. Maybe I am just being weird about it.
    However, I am totally 100% pumped about Erin Morgenstern’s new book! I loved the Night Circus and have been waiting ages for her to write something new.


  2. My most anticipated release from this list is definitely Girls of Storm and Shadow! I’m glad to see you also enjoyed Girls of Paper and Fire. I’ve read so many mixed reviews, but it was one of my favorite reads this year. I hope the second book is just as great.


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