Book Recommendations // #AceAwarenessWeek


This week from the 20th to the 26th of October, we are celebrating Ace Awareness Week which is a week dedicated for all those who identify as asexual, aromantic, demisexual, aroace and so on to come together, support each other, help each other and also spread awareness. Being demisexual myself, I knew I had to post this week and I have chosen some books with asexual and aspec characters in! I won’t be giving full descriptions of the books but rather that identities are represented in each!

Radio Silence
by Alice Oseman

One of the first books I saw myself identified in was this one and I have been in Alice’s debt ever since. Not only does this book feature Aled who is a demisexual character but it’s also talked about on page. This book also features the most amazing platonic relationship and overall deals with love in all its various forms other than romantically.






Water Runs Red
by Jenna Clare

This collection of fantasy poetry by Jenna is her debut and it is already a hit in my eyes. As well as discussing important topics such as toxic friendships and the political climate in her works, this book is also Own Voices for asexual rep! The ‘plot twist I’m my own soul-mate’ was definitely a stand out for me.






Summer Bird Blue
by Akemi Dawn Bowman

After the loss of her sister in a car accident, Rumi is dealing with a lot of things – one being her sexuality and her journey to accepting she is both asexual and aromantic. It is openly discussed in book and has received rave reviews from people who also identify the same as Rumi.





Sawkill Girls
by Claire Legrand

One of my favourite reads of this year that is based around three girls and the monster they have to battle. As well as featuring a f/f relationship, one of the girls, Zoey, identifies as asexual. It was refreshing to read a heavily fantasy novel feature a canon asexual character that is also on page.







Technically, You Started It
by Lana Wood Johnson

This book is everything you want in a fluffy contemporary – a mistaken identity, a cute romance and a slow-burner but it also features a conversation about sexuality in which we learn that our main character is demisexual. It also deals with the difference between asexuality and demisexuality which is a nice addition for a YA novel.




Every Heart a Doorway

by Seanan McGuire

This first novella in a fantasy series (would recommend all) tells the story of a home for children with a twist – the children seem to vanish into thin air and come back months later. Think a dark twist on Alice in Wonderland. However, the first book in the series also features an asexual main character.





43235749Not Your Backup
by C.B. Lee

This is the third instalment in the ‘Not Your Sidekick’ series which as you probably guessed it, tells the story of various characters with (or without) superpowers. In this novel, we follow Emma who identifies as aroace. The author also took time to add information about both identities on page as well as discussing queerplatonic relationships.




Beyond the Black Door42642042._SY475_
by A.M. Strickland 

This young adult fantasy novel not only sounds amazing in its synopsis but also highlights the fact that the main character, Kamai, is asexual. Although we are getting more and more ace rep in fiction, it still shocked me (in a nice way) that it’s labelled as early on as in the synopsis. However, do check out trigger warnings the author provided before delving in!





Tarnished Are the Stars
by Rosiee Thor 

This Own Voices sci-fi novel features a diverse cast of queer characters, including Nathaniel who is both asexual and aromantic. Although he struggles with his identity at first and not initially having the words he needs, it is explored beautifully throughout the novel.





Let’s Talk About Love
by Claire Kann

This young adult contemporary is definitely as cute and happy as that cover looks and it also features a bisexual and asexual main in Alice. The book deals with the importance that sex and love are not intertwined – you can still want hugs and cuddles and romance but not want sex.




by Alice Oseman

Ending where we began with an Alice Oseman novel and this time, she has written an Own Voices novel about an aroace character. Although this book isn’t coming out until April 2020, it is already one of my most anticipated. Alice has a way of taking your typical YA contemporary story and spinning it on its head with diverse and amazing characters.






Goddess of the Hunt
by Shelby Eileen

This collection of poetry has been on my radar for a while now – mainly because it features one of my favourite characters in Greek myth, Artemis, on the cover. It is a celebration of aromanticism and asexuality through the eyes of Greek Goddesses and what more could you want in a poetry collection.






We Awaken
by Calista Lynne

This book, although short, is very powerful and as well as telling a dream-like story, it also features two asexual characters as well as including a lot of in-story information about asexuality and its lack of representation. If you’re interested in learning more about it but in the form of a novel, then this is definitely the one for you!





The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy
by Mackenzi Lee 

Although this book is a lot more about the plot and the overall story, it also features an asexual main character whose sexuality is not at all questioned in book, only accepted. With a wide variety of queer characters within, this book is a start to find somebody you can identify with. Plus there are petticoats and piracy, what more could you want?






Tash Hearts Tolstoy
by Kathryn Ormsbee

For a book that combines an exciting plot with a protagonist going on a journey to accept their asexuality, you need to pick this one up! As always, seeing YA books include ace characters without hesitation is the huge step we need in the genre and although this book doesn’t provide a lot of information about asexuality, the representation is lovely to see.






The Cybernetic Tea Shop
by Meredith Katz

I picked up this (very short) book up a while back and it stayed with me ever since. It is just the definition of cute, gay and fluffy and it is very underrated. Not only that but it also includes an asexual main character (on page) who falls in love with another woman throughout the course of the story.




41207417._SY475_Soft on Soft
by Mina Waheed

Although I hadn’t heard of this book before doing some research, it is now firmly on my TBR. This cute contemporary romance is full to the brim with diversity – including Selena, a demisexual main character who begins the most wholesome f/f relationship with June who is pansexual. All sexualities and genders are accepted in the book so just go ahead, pick it up and feel all the feels.




Play It Again43263026._SY475_
by Aidan Wayne

This contemporary romance featuring a m/m romance is perfect for those who want a story featuring ace characters who identify on different parts of the spectrum. We meet Sam, who is asexual and has mixed emotions surrounding sex. However, we also meet a character called Rachel, who identifies as aroace and has absolutely zero interest in sex. A perfect book to explore the ace spectrum!




42837514Gender Queer: A Memoir
by Maia Kobabe

This emotional but important graphic novel has an amazing cast of LGBTQ+ characters including a story about what it’s like to grow up as non-binary and asexual. It also deals with the struggle of sexuality when you are genderqueer and what label you feel can fit you. Very important, very beautifully designed and perfect for anybody who wants more information on different sexualities and genders.




Daughter of the Burning City30237061
by Amanda Foody

This YA fantasy novel has been on my radar for a while and as well as a plot that sounds amazing, it also features a wide cast of diverse characters. As well as a bisexual main character, it also features a love interest that places somewhere on the ace spectrum (some reviewers have used demisexual whilst others have used asexual so I’m unsure if it has been confirmed!) Overall, I’m excited to read a YA fantasy with a lot of representation.


So there are some books you can add to your shelves if you’re interested in reading more ace spec books with some amazing characters.
But more importantly, always know that you are valid and loved. Always.

Lots of Love,

4 thoughts on “Book Recommendations // #AceAwarenessWeek

  1. Interesting write-up. I wasn’t aware of all of those books. There’s also a cell phone novel dealing with an aromantic male and a demisexual female called Diptych Souls if we’re going with ace-related books.


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