Making a Statement With Enamel Pins // Collab with Punky Pins

**This post is a collaboration with Punky Pins and features gifted items. All views are my own and not influenced by this.**

I’m sure I talk about it enough, whether on here or one of my other social media accounts, for people to know that I’m pretty passionate about my beliefs, my political views, and generally the things I care about.

Since getting into the blogging community, I’ve found a creative way to express this – enamel pins and patches. Punky Pins was the first enamel pin store I came across that sold pins that spoke to me, and I immediately ordered a few feminist inspired pins and some bookish ones. I even bought a new denim jacket just to put them on when they arrived. This quickly became a bit of an obsession.

What I love about displaying my pins, literally wearing my heart on my sleeve, is that people notice them. Being quite an anxious person, I’m not one to speak up in public – this feels as though I’m shouting to the world without actually having to open my mouth. The pins get complements, help me to come across people who agree with their statements or are also book lovers, and they’re a talking point. They’re a unique way to express yourself, both by making an outfit or accessory individual to you and at the same time having your outfit show a part of you that’s important. For me, my enamel pin collection really is more than just a range of unique, sparkly accessories – it’s a collection of artwork that shows off what I love, what I care about and what I’ll fight for.

What I really love about the designs from Punky Pins is that they’re light hearted and quirky whilst still getting across a love of books. The new range features other pins with more political messages (eg. pro choice, pro books, pro feminism) and I love how pins like these show a strong message as well as being bookish.

The pins gifted to me from Punky Pins are a part of their newly updated Book Lovers collection.

Do you collect enamel pins or other statement pieces? I’d love to see some recommendations!



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