Blogtober // Autumnal Book Covers

Is it just me that is drawn to books with autumnal colours and designs when the season hits? Here are some of my favourites that I feel encapsulate the upcoming months. Although they aren’t necessarily stories set in or around Autumn, the covers fit perfectly!


43453718._SY475_The Deathless Girls
by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

This fantasy young adult novel is a feminist retelling of the untold story of the Brides of Dracula. Need I say more? Seventeen year old Lil and twin sister, Kizzy are taken prisoner by the evil Boyar Valcar and taken far from their traveler family. Upon entering the castle, Lil meets fellow slave, Mira and the girls come together to fact the multiple threats against them. The cover also captures the darker side of Autumn colours, making it both beautiful and haunting.


The Great Alone34912895._SY475_

by Kristin Hannah

Despite only previous reading one of Kristin’s previous books, I’ve had this one on my radar for a while and upon seeing this beautiful atmospheric cover, I definitely want to read it soon. This story is set in Alaska, 1974 and follows a family in crisis. Former Prisoner of War, Ernt returns home from the War, a changed and volatile man and after a series of bad luck, he moves his family to Alaska where they live off the grid. Following other members of the family including Ernt’s thirteen year old daughter and wife, Cora – this story deals with complicated family issues against a harsh backdrop. Trigger warnings for domestic violence.


834713A Thousand Splendid Suns

by Khaled Hosseini

One of my favourite books and one that is luckily blessed with a colour bursting with the colours of Autumn leaves. This heartbreaking tale follows the stories of Mariam and Laila, who despite having very different backgrounds and journeys, find themselves married to the same man in a Taliban run Afghanistan. Their tales are heartbreaking and hard to read but the beauty of this story comes from the bond the two woman form despite not having the best of introductions. The story spans across 30 years and you can’t help but become attached to them. Definitely a must read!



An Enchantment of Ravens30969741._SY475_
by Margaret Rogerson

Although this is one I’m yet to read myself (Becky loved it though!) I just had to include it in this list. The autumnal colours are subtle yet effective and the addition of ravens sets the scene perfectly. This story follows Isobel, a talented artist who falls in love with a faerie prince. Although this trope sounds familiar, I am told this book is a lot more atmospheric and subtle and is perfect to read at this time of year.




by Yaa Gyasi

One of my favourite books and highly underrated in my opinion. This is the debut novel from an African author and follows a family through generations starting with half-sisters, Esi and Effia, two women with very different destinies – Effia marries an English slave trader and Esi herself is sold into slavery. This is a hard read that deals with slavery, racism and oppression over the course of 250 years but also an important and heartwarming read. Just go read it, ok.



A Skinful of Shadows35611139._SY475_

by Frances Hardinge

I’ve had this book on my shelf for the longest time but haven’t got around to reading it. However, it was definitely those dark autumnal colours on the cover that caught my eye. My copy also has the most beautiful dark green sprayed edges! But anyway, this is the story of 12 year old, Makepeace who has lived her life defending herself from ghosts. That is until a spirit makes its home inside her.



So those are my picks! What other books just scream Autumn for you?
Lots of Love,

6 thoughts on “Blogtober // Autumnal Book Covers

  1. This is such a great selection. Out of all of these “An Enchantment of Ravens” is by far my favourite cover. It literally screams autumn!

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