Blogtober // Fictional Character Cosplay Ideas

Nina – Official Fanart // Karou by Blackbird Art // Lila by Jules Brown

One of the best parts of Halloween is seeing how people dress up each year. Coming from somebody who hasn’t dressed up for years, I like to admire from a distance and we thought today we would pick some of our favourite fictional characters and include some clothing items you could pick up to dress up as them! Of course this isn’t just for Halloween and you can cosplay any day of the year but isn’t October 31st just the perfect excuse to?

Nina Zenik
(Six of Crows)

Nina is usually depicted wearing a red kefta/dress, a long coat and knee-high boots. Her hair is always worn down and wavy and accessory wise, just whip out a plate of waffles.


  1. I’ve chosen this dress purely for the kefta and Eastern European style it has. It has the bright red shade of a Heartender and I love the addition of the furry sleeves to make it also look suited for colder weather. (x)
  2. Although this dress doesn’t have the bright red shade, I still think the style is perfect compared to the official fanart of Nina. (x)
  3. A much more subtle take than the others but I love the kefta like feel to this with the pleats and flowing skirt. The bright red is also screaming Nina to me. (x)


  1. In official fanart, Nina’s long coat looks a navy shade so that is the palette we’ve gone with. This simple yet effective wrap coat is cheap and will fit the brief well. (x)
  2. This navy wool-lock coat will also fit perfectly against the long, red dress you choose and can be worn open. (x)
  3. Despite the fact that even seeing the price of this one made my eyes water, I just had to include it. Would only recommend if your cosplay budget is very high. (x)

  4. shoes.png
    1. In the official fanart, Nina’s books can either be seen as black or brown so I’ve chosen at least one brown pair with the same style under the knee. (x)
    2. These boots are the most simplistic but very reminiscent of the boots Nina would wear, including the slight bit of lace at the top. (x)
    3. Nina’s boots are seen with some sort of pattern on the sides so I thought these would be an interesting interpretation of them without being too sparkly. (x)

Lila Bard

(Shades of Magic)

Our friendly neighbourhood thief is usually depicted wearing a slight mismatch of clothing. However, we’ve decided to base our picks on this amazing fanart which we think encapsulates Lila perfectly. We’ll include the coat, trousers and boots so all that’s missing is a simple white shirt and red gloves. Her hair is usually worn cut short and if you’ve got some spare weapons hanging around, they’d be a perfect accessory.

lila coat.png

  1. Getting the most expensive choice out of the way first, I just love this gothic style coat that fits the shape of Lila’s coat perfectly at the waist. (x)
  2. Focusing on the colours of navy and red and giving a very pirate-feel, I was immediately dawn to this one. (x)
  3. This steampunk style coat immediately hooked me with the waist and tail style. I love the addition of detail on the lapels too. (x)

lila pants.png
1. I’ve chosen these purely for the bright shade of red and the practicality of being able to easily put a pair of boots over them. (x)
2. Although these are very wide leg, if you do some magic and stuff them into a pair of boots, they will give them bloom-like effect of Lila’s trousers in the art. (x)
3. Combining the previous two, these darker shade of red (geddit?) trousers with a slim-line to fit in to boots would work perfectly whilst also achieving the slight bloom effect at the waist. (x)

lila boots.png

  1. Despite the fact that these would not be practical running around the different Londons, I think the style and addition of buckles fits the pirate theme of Lila perfectly. Plus the cuff at the top was a must when I saw the fanart. (x)
  2. The most sensible (and cheapest) of the three and although it’s simple in comparison, it has the cuff and still gives off major pirate vibes. (x)
  3. The priciest of the lot but boots I would probably want to wear regardless of cosplay. I love the different take on the cuff and the addition of buckles and badges. (x)

(Daughter of Smoke and Bone)

karou art
all art by Lesya Blackbird Ink

Karou is quite an easy character to replicate and possibly a character you can put together using things you’ve already got in your wardrobe! She’s usually depicted or described wearing black and has quite a punk/gothic style. Of course, her standout blue hair is a must, and don’t forget to draw some of her tattoos on – especially the hamsas on her palms. For accessories, you’ll want some strings of wish beads, and maybe a sketchbook.

karou1As I said, most of Karou’s basic outfit is easy enough to emulate – a black vest or top (x), black skinny jeans or pants (x), and black boots (x). I’ve only chosen one of each of these as you can pick them up at most high street stores or charity shops.


If you’re not lucky enough to already have Karou’s blue hair, you could achieve this a couple of ways.

1. I chose this wig because I feel that it’s the most similar to Karou’s that I could find – it’s a great shade of blue and has a slight wave to it, making it look more natural on the model. It is possibly more on the pricey side though. (x)
2. Hairspray can be a cheaper option for temporary blue hair and means you can style your hair how you like it. This one from Superdrug is a brush out one and doesn’t seem as thick and building up as coloured spray used to be back when I was younger and spraying my hair different colours for halloween. (x)
3. Another option is hair make up – I’ve only just found out about this particular one whilst researching so can’t say whether it works or not! Reviews seem to say it washes out easily, isn’t too cakey and is basically like having a liquid eyeshadow on your hair. I’d perhaps be wary of using this if you need it to be fully out the next day though, just in case! (x)


Since Karou’s outfit is quite understated, her hair, tattoos and accessories are what will really make the outfit come to life.

1. First are the beads – Karou wears loops of wooden beads around her neck and wrists, all containing tiny wishes. These are described as looking like African wooden bead jewellery, so that’d be the ideal option, however, you can buy cheap plastic bead necklaces at most fancy dress shops, or make your own easily enough! (x)
2. Pay homage to Karou’s wings with this cute backpack! (x)
3. Karou is never without her wishbone necklace, despite her not knowing it’s relevance at first. You can buy cheap wishbone pendants online, however, most are quite small – if you want one that stands out, I’d recommend moulding a larger one out of clay and hanging it from a chain or some black string. (x)

Don’t forget to draw Karou’s tattoos on with some black eyeliner or face/body paint – her most notable are the hamsas on her palms and the words ‘true’ and ‘story’ on her wrists. Karou is described as a pale, classic beauty with a look out of an old movie, so pale skin with dark eye make up would be perfect. She also has black eyes, so whether you’d like to opt for contacts to complete the look is your choice!

There are a lot more characters we’d like to choose but maybe another time…
Are you dressing up this year?

Lots of Love,
Angharad & Becky

2 thoughts on “Blogtober // Fictional Character Cosplay Ideas

  1. ahhh these are gorgeous oh my goshhhhh! WOW! Are you doing these for halloween? AND OF COURSE I’M DRESSING UP HALLOWEEN IS HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY! I’m *most likely* being Gilderoy Lockhart but idk because I don’t know when I’ll be able to find my costume.. so..


    1. Thank you so much! Unfortunately neither of us are dressing up this Halloween but maybe next year. Especially after getting inspired when picking these! Ooo, Gilderoy Lockhart is a good pick and shouldn’t be TOO hard to dress for. Hope you have the best time though! ❤

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