Blogtober // Best Spooky Book Covers

In terms of spooky, what we find frightening can vary. However, these are some covers that just create a dark and mysterious atmosphere and encapsulate the contents, and the spooky months themselves, perfectly!

Into the Drowning Deep

by Mira Grant

So this one is quite simple yet very effective if you study it properly. The way the striking red hair and blood come together against the black cover is just amazing and fits the story perfectly. This tells the story of the Mariana Trench and the strange disappearance of a documentary crew seven years prior. Was it a hoax or a tragedy and what forces were at play? If you’re not convinced, I’ll say one more thing – mermaids.




Gideon the Ninth
by Tamsyn Muir

Hear me out here, do I need to explain why I chose this one when there is a literal skeleton on the cover surrounded by bones? Although I’m yet to read this one (cue the tears) I am so excited to. This sci-fi/fantasy book features emperors, lesbian necromancers, swordplay and politics. And a lot of humour.




28936314The Hollow Girl
by Hillary Monahan

This is an (relatively) oldie but goldie. Especially to me who shouts how underrated this book is from the rooftops. The cover is scary as hell and I love the addition of the red at the bottom almost crawling up the page. We follow the story of Bethan, a Romani who lives with her grandmother, Drina and is training to be her ward. I must say trigger warning for rape but you can find my full review here.




A Monster Calls
by Patrick Ness

Although there are a few editions with different covers, this is the cover I have and definitely have to include in this list. Not only does it have a spooky and beautifully illustrated cover, the theme also continues inside with the artwork. This is the story of a young boy who is dealing with both a terminally ill mother and a visiting monster. It is heartwarming and heartbreaking and carries deep metaphorical messages regarding monstrosity and identity.




40522832._SY475_The Familiars

by Stacey Halls

I had to include this cover purely because it has proved something of an optical illusion to a few people when the cover is in front of you. First things first, this book is a historical retelling of the Pendle Witch Trials. We follow 17 year old Fleetwood who receives a letter stating she will not survive another childbirth. So she enlists the help of midwife, Alice who promises she can help. However, is Alice more than what she claims? As for the cover, the addition of the noose is subtle and perfect.





The Bone Garden
by Heather Kassner

I don’t usually read middle grade and I certainly hardly read middle grade with covers as spooky as this. This book follows Irréelle who is made entirely of bones and imagination thanks to her cunning mistress, Miss Vesper. She must live in constant fear of being simply wished away. I really enjoyed this book which is amazingly atmospheric, has a beautiful friendship and kept me on the edge of my seat.

What’s your favourite cover in this post? Or what’s a cover you think is spooky?
Lots of Love,

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