Blogtober // Top Ten Autumnal Favourites

Autumn has always been my favourite month. I don’t like very cold weather, but it’s not too cold, plus everywhere is bright and colourful – and my hair matches it all! Here are some of my favourite things about autumn:

1. Autumn fashion
I love a good cosy, cable knit jumper, but lets not forget other autumn fashion staples. Big scarves that double up as blankets, stompy goth boots, layers, checked shirts, and I usually finish off any autumnal outfit with black skinny jeans (or at the moment, black maternity dungarees).

2. Autumnal bookstagram aesthetics
My instagram feed is always at its best in autumn because I just love taking a tote bag full of books outside and getting as many photos as I can of them surrounded by red and orange leaves!

3. Seasonal food
Most people jump to recommend a pumpkin spiced latte here, but as someone who doesn’t really drink hot drinks, I’m gonna point out my all time favourite autumn beverage – mulled cider. I know this is obviously a hot drink, but it’s not a tea/coffee drink so is 100% different. I’m looking forward to finding the best none alcoholic version of it this autumn!

4. Cosying up with a book and a blanket
My favourite thing to do is bury myself under blankets and cushions whilst I’m reading – obviously not the most ideal thing to do in the middle of August. I’m very excited for some cosy autumnal reading time!

5. Halloween!
Obviously halloween gets a mention. I’ve always loved dressing up, and even though I generally don’t do anything for halloween anymore, I still very much get into the hype of the holiday and at least decorate my house a little bit.

6. Visiting a pumpkin patch
Over the past couple of years, I’ve started a tradition of visiting a pumpkin patch in October – mostly to take bookstagram photos, of course – and I’m hoping to keep this as an annual thing as it is something I love doing!

7. Autumnal candles
When we made candles, the autumnal scented ones were always my favourite. I love the warm smells and atmosphere of them!

8. Nature in Autumn
I feel like this is a bit of an obvious one but one I like to point out – the time when the leaves turn red and it feels crisp outside is always so fleeting that I like to make sure I make the most of it while it’s here.

9. Bonfire Night
Again, I don’t tend to do anything on bonfire night anymore, but staying inside all cosy whilst fireworks are going off is always fun! We live on a hill so can see the fireworks right across town without having to actually go anywhere.

10. Autumn mornings
For me, an autumnal morning is the perfect type of morning to wake up to. It’s often just getting light as you wake up (but it’s not so far into winter that you’re leaving the house when it’s dark), cold enough for it to be a bit foggy and to need a warm scarf and jumper (but not to get frostbite when you open the front door) and everywhere smells crisp and fiery. I love it!

Let us know your autumnal favourites in the comments!


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