Blogtober // Favourite Villains Part II


We love a good villain. A few years back when our blog had a completely different look, we picked five of our favourite villains – so for today’s Blogtober post, we thought it’d be interesting to look at some more favourite villains/anti heroes and see if there’s any we’re still rooting for after all this time!

Angharad’s favourite villains:
1. The Monster – Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand
One of my favourite reads of the year features a girl-stealing monster able to take on multiple forms to get what he wants. Through manipulating Val and her family through generations, he targets only girls and the more he takes, the stronger he gets. However, it is the girls who ultimately have the power, together, to take him down. I love that this character represents a lot more than just a creature in the woods and his presence throughout the entire novel is eerie and unsettling.

2. The Demon King – Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan
The villain in this novel takes the form of the Demon King who rules over the land, selecting eight girls each year to come to his palace and become a Paper Girl. These girls will serve him and become his consorts whether they want to or not. This book of course deals with sexual assault/abuse so it’s obvious the reasons why the Demon King makes this list. He is the kind of villain that makes your skin crawl every time he is mentioned.

3. Adelina Amouteru – The Young Elites trilogy by Marie Lu
Although this is an older series, it is still one of my favourites despite the mixed reviews and it is one of my favourites because of the main character, Adelina. She starts out the series as pretty much every YA protagonist does – she’s thrust into a strange world and falls in love. However, it all changes when she becomes the antihero of the story and does some terrible things. Not exactly a villain but definitely capable of villainous acts and she remains one of my favourite characters to this day.

Becky’s favourite villains:
1. Sweet James – Other Words For Smoke by Sarah Maria Griffin
How could I do a favourites post without mentioning my current favourite owl who isn’t an owl? Sweet James is a hard ‘villain’ to pin down – he’s definitely an evil force, a creature that we don’t learn a lot about apart from the facts that he’ll manipulate you to get his own way and he feeds off fear, and he’s some sort of entity from another world or dimension. He manifests from the horrors faced by women in Ireland, along with Bobby Dear, a cat who’s not a cat and feeds off love.

2. Mirnatius/Chernobog – Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik
The internet’s favourite demon possessed Tsar. Mirnatius is discovered to be being controlled by Chernobog, a demon who’s hungry, by Irina. She soon comes up with her own plan to feed him, but must avoid being the subject of his hunger until then.

3. Konstantin – The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden
Konstantin’s a difficult one because although he’s not exactly a villain, he’s definitely an antagonist or at least a character in a grey area. After moving to Vasya’s village, he makes it his mission to convert them all away from their pagan household gods. He’s definitely an interesting character and subject of most of Vasya’s issues!

Which fictional villain would make your list?
Lots of Love,


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