Blogtober // Taking Part & Prompts We’re Using

So on a whim a few weeks ago (partly down to September putting me in a spooky mood and partly me knowing I was finishing work for maternity leave a couple of weeks into October and wanting to make sure I had a lot of blogging to do to occupy my time) I decided this year we were going to take part in Blogtober in our own way. The aim wasn’t necessarily to post every single day of the month, however with the amount of blog post ideas we’ve got lined up, we might end up doing just that! We aren’t hosting our own Blogtober theme but I thought it’d be good to share what we’ll be posting about anyway, just in case anyone was looking for inspiration. Not all of these are our original ideas but we are crediting other bloggers and other Blogtober prompt lists throughout! If you’d like to use any of our ideas, please share your posts with us and link back to us in the post 🙂

1st October: October TBR
My plan is to read spooky books only throughout October, so I’m sharing my TBR for the month with you!

2nd October: Spooky Autumn Releases
So many brilliant Halloweeny books are being released or have just been released recently – here’s a few we’ve loved or are really excited to read.

3rd October: Spooky Review #1
We’ll be reviewing a few books this month with themes that are suited to Blogtober – we won’t be sharing which yet though to keep a bit of an element of surprise!

4th October: Favourite Villains Part II
We wrote about our favourite villains a few years ago in a post, and thought now would be a great time to revisit that idea.

5th October: 10 Favourite Things About Autumn
Talking about all the things we love about this season!

6th October: Spooky Book Covers
We’ll be sharing some of our favourite halloween-themed book covers, because we all know that deep down, we do judge books by their covers.

7th October: Book Line Poetry
A while back, I saw Jemma’s blog post where she created songs from taking specific lines from a book. I loved the idea and made a few myself, but never shared them. Since they were all unintentionally eerie in some way, I decided it was time to post them! If you’d like to take part, the instructions are in Jemma’s post above.

8th October: Spooky Review #2

9th October: 2019: The Year of the (Fictional) Witch Part II
I had such a great time putting together this post a few months ago sharing my most anticipated upcoming witchy releases, that I had to make a part ii!

10th October: The Autumn Book Tag by Viktoria @ seelieknight

11th October: Fictional Character Cosplay Ideas
We share some costume ideas for dressing up as some of our favourite YA book characters for Halloween!

12th October: WitchCasket September Unboxing
I recently received my first WitchCasket subscription box and it was packed full of witchy goodies that I’d love to show off!

13th October: Spooky Review #3

14th October: Autumnal Book Covers
Sharing some of our favourite rustic, orange, leafy book covers!

15th October: Monstrous Recommendations
We’ll be sharing some of our favourite books that feature different halloween monsters – specifically, vampires, werewolves, witches, fae, ghosts, sea monsters, demons, death and mysterious monsters if you’d like to join in.

16th October: Taking Autumnal Book Photos
I get asked a lot about my photography style. Today I’m (hopefully) going to share some helpful tips on how to get the rustic, autumnal feel I go for on my bookstagram.

17th October: Are You Ready For Sweater Weather? The Autumn Tag by Jenn @ Jenniely

18th October: Spooky Review #4

19th October: Autumn Bullet Journal Spread
Obviously, any season calls for a themed bujo – we’ll be sharing spreads with you and some of our favourite autumnal pages.

20th October: Book Recommendations for the Practical Witch
We share a lot of fictional witch books, but this time, we’re looking at the more practical side of all things witchcraft!

21st October: Autumnal Fashion (Pregnancy & Non Pregnancy Friendly!)
I have a very specific autumnal style and adapting it this year to fit my frankly huge baby bump has been a challenge. I wanted to share some of my favourite outfits of the season – only a couple of items are maternity wear and many are ones I’ve just adapted to fit my shape at the moment, so I’m hoping this’ll be helpful and accessible to quite a few people!

22nd October: Spooky Review #5

23rd October: Our Halloween and Autumn traditions
Do you have any traditions around this time of year? Find out about ours here!

24th October: Horror Game Recommendations
Angharad recommends some of her favourite horror games that are perfect for Halloween.

25th October: Creepy Creations
Highlighting some of our favourite small business who are making the most amazing halloween and autumn themed items.

26th October: Spooky Review #6

27th October: Favourite Cosy Reads
It’s getting colder by the day, so here’s some of our favourite reads for you to snuggle under a blanket with!

28th October: Spooky Review #7

29th October: Favourite Autumn Themed Bookstagrams
We’ll be sharing some of our favourite autumn themed bookstagram photos with you from other accounts!

30th October: October Reading Wrap Up
Sharing what we’ve read throughout October.

31st October: Pumpkin Patch Trip
For the past couple of years I’ve visited a pumpkin farm around halloween and loved being able to just walk around and take photos – so I’ll be sharing all of them with you guys!

Again, we’d love to see your posts if you decide to take part in any of our prompts so please do share them with us, and hopefully you like our plans for the month!

Angharad & Becky


15 thoughts on “Blogtober // Taking Part & Prompts We’re Using

  1. Your prompts have made me so excited to read your october posts. You’ve also helped with my anxiety as I was really concerned with not posting every day, and your words have made me realise I can do blogtober however I like. Thank you ❤


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