Co-Owning a Book Blog


Hi guys!
So recently on Twitter we’ve seen a lot of people asking questions about co-blogging or looking into finding a co-blogger. Since it seems to be a popular topic at the moment, we thought we’d do a little FAQ on the topic. We’re not experts but we have both been blogging here together for a few years now, so we think we can definitely give you an insight into it! If you have anymore questions we don’t cover, feel free to ask in the comments.

Co-Blogging FAQ

First off, we thought we’d give our answers to the most frequently asked questions we’ve seen about co-blogging on Twitter.

Q: How do I find a co-blogger?
Becky: Unfortunately we can’t be of much help here as we’ve always blogged together! Two Book Thieves came from us both wanting to start a book blog but not knowing how to do it, how to get into the community etc – so we decided to do it together. The two of us have been friends for a good seven years or so after meeting online through a mutual love of portrait photography, and then discovering we both loved the same books. I suppose from this, the best advice we can give is choose someone you know well and trust to be your co-blogger! There are times when one of us has a lot more time to post than the other so that trust is needed, both from the person taking time out and the person posting. However, we’ll go more into that further down. We’d also say make sure that, even if your co-bloggers interests aren’t exactly the same as yours, make sure they fit into the style of your blog, especially if you have an established blog and are looking for someone to contribute occasionally or to do a certain feature etc. We both have a love for fantasy and YA books specifically, which was what we mostly posted about when we started out, however we also separately review different genres. I prefer to write reviews whereas Angharad is better than me for keeping up with tags and wrap ups. We also both like to write different styles of travel and lifestyle posts. Because of this, our blog ends up with a good balance of different posts, but it still flows well.

Q: Do you plan all of your posts together?
Becky: No! As we said above, trust is key here. There will be times when one of us just has the urge (and the time) to write up a post and then have it finished and posted that evening, or other times where just one of us is scheduled in for a blog tour or similar. Really, as long as our posts don’t clash, we don’t see the need to do this. However, we do like to do joint posts and reviews, which we obviously would plan together.

Q: Are your blogging styles different? Does this affect your blog?
Becky: They’re definitely different! Angharad will often write up a post and have it done with edited photos then post it that night, whereas I prefer to write a few posts at once and schedule them or go back and post them on a specific day. I’d say this is definitely due to how we want to (or have to) manage our time. I usually plan one of my days off work each week as being a “blogging day” where I’ll write up a few posts I know I want to write or I know I have to post by a certain date that’s coming up. That way, I know they’re done and ready to go. I don’t think our different styles negatively affect our blog, as it usually means there’s always something ready to be written or posted.

Q: What’s the most annoying thing about co-blogging?
Becky: This may seem like a small thing but I’d definitely say, for me, it’s when people forget that there’s two of us. We’re Two Book Thieves. We both put a lot of our time and effort into this blog so it can sometimes be disheartening to see one of us being highlighted by someone over the other one, especially when we’ve pointed out that there are two of us or they already know. Obviously, we both have our own little blogging circles due to living on other sides of the UK and attending different blogging groups, but since we both try our best to mention each other, it can get quite annoying when one of us is forgotten. I’d say the other thing is that we usually have to request books and ARCs separately, as obviously we can’t send one email asking for two copies, and it can get confusing. A lot of publishers who we frequently work with have us down as separate contacts on our own personal emails who both blog at the same place, but it can sometimes be an issue when we’re emailing someone new!

For those of you still undecided as to whether you’d like a co-blogger or not, we thought we’d add a little list of pros and cons!


  • There’s always someone able to post. When one of us is busy with work, on holiday, sick or just generally too caught up with life to keep on top of things, we can rely on the other to look after the blog until we’re back.
  • There’s always someone to run posts by before posting. Ever write a review and just want to check if it sounds right? It’s easy with a co-blogger!
  • We get to do different styles of posts. We love doing our joint reviews, as not only does it give two perspectives on a book in one post, it gets interesting if our opinions are different and can generate more of a discussion.
  • We also get to post different styles of posts to each other, such as the travel diary posts, and our different lifestyle posts, and keep our content fresh.
  • We have a wider network of blogger pals, and therefore of support. We both go to blogger meet ups where we live (Manchester and Swansea) and have our own little blogging groups, which means both separately and as a pair we can get more involved in the community.
  • Two bloggers instead of one also means we get double the exposure and promotion from both sharing posts on our separate social media accounts!


  • As mentioned, it can be annoying when only one of us gets praised for something we’ve both done, or the other person does. We usually sign off our blog posts with our names, so you can tell who’s written that post, however we often get people sharing a post claiming that one of us has written it when it was actually the other one!
  • Again, as we said, requesting books can be a bit more tricky if we both want a copy of the same book, but once publishers know us, this usually isn’t an issue anymore. One publisher that’s always been really considerate about sending us both copies of a book we’d both like is Titan!
  • We’ve said about how there’s always someone to post if one of us is too busy or has nothing to blog about, but on the rare occasion that we’re both in a reading slump at the same time or both too busy, there can be a bit of a blog-drought. However, I assume this happens to everyone else when they also don’t have time to write anything.

    Overall, even though we don’t know any different, we’d both definitely recommend getting a co-blogger. If you already have an established blog and you wish to add a co-owner, then make sure you both know your roles in the beginning. Do you only want a guest blogger or somebody who will be equal in responsibilities? Are you going to have a schedule or will you both post when you want? Are you going to incorporate both people in your blog name (such as ours) and add separate ‘about’ pages? Maybe look for somebody who has different reading tastes to yours so your blog has more variety or even somebody with a different photographic style to yours (unless you use stock imagery of course.) Ultimately, find somebody you get on with, even outside of just the blog, and have fun with it.

    Do you co-blog? If not, is it something you’re interested in?
    Let us know in the comments and feel free to ask any questions we haven’t covered.
    Lots of Love,
    Becky & Angharad

19 thoughts on “Co-Owning a Book Blog

  1. It’s so lovely that you co-blog together!! That’s a really great point about it being annoying when people forget that there are two of you. I guess I never really thought about that before when it comes to co-bloggers, but now I’ll definitely make more of an effort to specify both in the future! Thanks for this post! 🙂


  2. This is such an interesting blog post. I always knew you were co-bloggers and have always wondered how you manage it. There are times where I’d love that support and know that there was someone else able to help keep the blog running. I can understand that some of those cons must be really frustrating though!


  3. a very insightful blog and i definitely think having a project with a pal is a lovely way to create content. i also think its funny as not being one of the two book theives i too get frustrated on your behalf with some of those cons :’)


  4. This is such an interesting post because even though obviously I know you are co-bloggers I actually learned a few things today! It’s cool to see how you both manage it and I do like the idea of a little team.


  5. This is such an interesting post – coblogging really intrigues me, but I feel like it would take a lot for me to turn my blog into a joint blog. I wouldn’t be opposed to a regular guest poster though!


  6. I love this post so much, and I have found it super helpful; especially as I am really considering getting a blogging partner. You both do this so well and the content you produce is top notch. ❤


  7. Very cool post! My sister and I just set up our book blog together on a whim. Both of us wanted to talk about books, but didn’t think we could manage all the work by ourselves. So perfect idea, we’ll do it together and it’s half the work! Super awesome that y’all had the same idea. Seems way more pros than cons!


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