Travel Diary // Lanzarote

Hi guys!

So whilst scrolling through the blog I realised I haven’t done a travel post in a while. With me getting a serious case of wanderlust and my next trip not being for a few months, I decided to do a little diary of my trip to Lanzarote last August.

This was definitely more of a relaxing by the pool trip than I’d usually do, but after a very busy and stressful first half of 2018 it was what I needed! I also went on this trip with my mum, stepdad, brother and stepbrother, as well as Jordan, so it was a lovely big family holiday.

Of course, I still did a lot of exploring whilst on this beautiful island. As always, this post is very photo heavy!


A lot of people probably view Lanzarote as a typical party resort, but there’s actually so much to see! The Canary Islands are volcanic islands and have some beautiful landscapes to see, from craggy coastlines to immense volcanoes and of course, the desert plants that are everywhere.


One of our main stops was Timanfaya National Park, an area made up entirely of volcanic soil. There was a lot of volcanic activity here in the 1700’s, and although you can still see just how far this spread across the area, there were no fatalities. Timanfaya is also part of a protected biosphere reserve (as is the whole island) so although it has become a tourist site, it’s very well maintained and looked after.


We also visited the Jardín de Cactus, another area of volcanic sand filled with desert plants. Of course, with me loving all sorts of spiky plants, I was right at home here and took home my own little Aloe Vera plant.



One thing I really noticed whilst on Lanzarote was the amount of cats! I’ve visited a lot of places where stray animals are (sadly) everywhere, however these cats seem really well looked after. There were two cats who lived at our hotel and were incredibly spoilt – one night when my mum went to get drinks at the bar, one of them actually came and stole her chair – and of course, we weren’t going to get him to move!


We also took a quick trip to the harbour, where I precariously climbed on some rocks and found a couple more cats.

I’d definitely love to visit Lanzarote again as, although it’s a small island, there’s so much to see that I didn’t manage to do during my week there. It’s also an affordable holiday with gorgeous weather – I’d definitely recommend it!



10 thoughts on “Travel Diary // Lanzarote

  1. Bec! I love Lanzarote! I’m actually visiting for my 4th time in June. I love the quiet little island. There are so many stray cats there but whilst I’ve been there I’ve discovered all over the island there is a charity that feeds and neuters the cats 😁 This is such a wonderful travel diary and it has made me even more excited to be back there!


  2. So many cats!!! I went to Lanzarote a couple of years ago and I found a lot of cats too. It was quite windy when I went and we went on a suuuuper long trip to Timanfaya but it was a lovely, chilled holiday 🙂


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