Subscription Box Review // Books That Matter


Although I love book subscription boxes, I feel as though they’ve hit a wall – a lot of them feature the same kind of things and they are pretty expensive. So when I came across a new subscription box thats aim is to inspire and empower, as a raging feminist, I immediately preordered it (and one box is only £12!) This is their first box and I am already so impressed. The box has beautiful artwork on it and everything is wrapped and presented beautifully.



Upon opening the box (and getting through the beautiful pink packaging), you will find the subscription box staple – a little sheet telling you what the box contains, links to the artists and designers and a little information about the box and its creators. A feature I really love is a little section dedicated to things you can do with your box after you’ve finished with it (recycling, collecting or redesigning!)


You’ll also find a cute little bookmark with the box’s slogan, a beautiful handheld mirror (that my mother has grabbed for herself and kindly modelled) by Karen at A Rose Cast and a little pin badge (that has gone straight on my bag with the rest of my collection) from the company themselves. Hidden amongst all these beautiful items was an amazing tote bag (who doesn’t love a tote bag?) and this was designed by Kate Loxton over at @badvibeart and she is also in charge of designs and branding at Books That Matter!


And last but certainly not least was the book and this month we received the 10th anniversary addition of Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. This coming-of-age novel covers topics such as race, colonialism, religion, politics and family. Nigerian author, Chimamanda describes it as a ‘book about nostalgia, it’s a kind of romanticised remembering. I wrote it when I was in college in Connecticut and I was homesick… There’s a poetry in Purple Hibiscus that I don’t think I have in any of my other books.’ I’m so excited for this as I’ve read Chimamanda’s short books based around feminism. Plus, the cover is just so bright and beautiful.


So that is everything! I am so happy with this box and will definitely be ordering them every month I’m able. I’m so glad there’s a UK-based subscription box that is going to focus on feminism and diversity. All the items are amazingly designed and of beautiful quality and I really hope this box will become as well known as the others. I’ll leave all the links below so make sure to follow and maybe subscribe to their future boxes!

Lots of Love,
Angharad @
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