ARC August

Hey guys!

Just a quick post today but we have lots of posts planned for the next few weeks (including a YALC wrap up which I’m really excited to put together!)

So, ARC August coincides really well with YALC for me as I have a nice pile of ARCs to get through from it, so I decided to take part this year. I also have a couple that have been sent to me from publishers recently so I’ve included those too.

The ARCs I’m planning on reading this month are:

These Rebel Waves by Sara Raasch (Harper 360)

A Flicker in the Clarity by Amy McNamara (Harper 360)

Sawkill Girls by Claire LeGrande (YALC)

Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix by Julie C. Dao (YALC)

Damsel by Elaina K Arnold (YALC)

Assuming I get through these five I’ll also try and read The Girl King by Mimi Yu, which I also picked up at YALC. I’m not in a huge rush to read this though since it’s not out till 2019!

Are you taking part in ARC August?
love Becky,

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8 thoughts on “ARC August

  1. Awesome stack of ARCs! I’m not participating but I am reading a bunch of ARCs this month as well. Sawkill Girls is highly anticipated but I probably won’t read it til September. Have fun reading!


  2. Awesome TBR!! These look like a great mix of reads. I LOVED Sawkill Girls, so I hope you do, too! I’m hoping to also get to Damsel this month, but it isn’t strictly on my TBR. I’m also crossing my fingers for The Girl King (I’m being considered for a copy some time this month, but no answer for sure yet), though I probably wouldn’t read it just yet either since it doesn’t come out for a bit!


  3. ARC August sounds so fun! And oh my goddd, Sawkill Girls *___* I didn’t get a copy at YALC but I’m so excited for it to come out. Queer girls and monster hunting! I cannot wait.


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