Mini Book Reviews // July 2018


A miracle occurred this month and that miracle was that I actually read some books. I’ve been in the biggest slump lately and didn’t want to read for the sake of it but I am back and almost better than ever. I couldn’t decide which book to review fully so I thought I’d share some mini reviews instead. So without further ado, here are the three books I read in July and a wrap-up of what I thought about them.


by Juno Dawson

I was excited about this book for the longest time but didn’t want my slump to ruin my experience with it. However, when I finally sat down to read ‘just one chapter,’ I ended up reading the entire book in one sitting. It was just incredible. It follows well-known socialite, Lexi who appears to have it all. However, when she’s not in the public eye, Lexi is battling with a drug addiction. Nearly overdosing sees her sent to a exclusive rehab facility and there she needs to face her demons among with the other residents. The characters are rich and diverse and we also have OwnVoices trans rep with the amazing Kendall. There were moments that made me want to cry and moments that had me laugh out loud. Please go and read this book.
TW: drug and alcohol abuse/addiction, eating disorders, suicide, suicidal thoughts, death (overdose), and others.


34538386How Do You Like Me Now?
by Holly Bourne

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you know it’s no secret how much we love Holly Bourne and her books. HDYLMN is Holly’s first adult novel that follows the story of Tori Bailey, an self-help author and influencer is who is struggling with being in her 30s – her friends are all married with kids and she is stuck in a loveless relationship that she is scared to walk away from. This book was definitely a ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ scenario and I know it’s because I’m only 21 and my headspace is not the same as that of somebody entering their 30s. However, I know I would love this book if I reread it in a few years. The book was funny and has some relatable parts, especially when it comes to social media and how much we choose to share and how much is real. There was also one questionable part that I don’t feel was corrected. (SPOILER) Tori is giving her boyfriend a blowjob and he forces her head down. She gets uncomfortable with this but can’t tell him for obvious reasons and he doesn’t look at her to see her panic. She goes and cries afterwards and then it’s forgotten which I’m not comfortable with. (SPOILER END.)


Notes on a Nervous Planet37797266
by Matt Haig

After sprinting to Waterstones to pick this book up on release date, I got home and read it immediately. Matt’s previous book, Reasons to Stay Alive, is pretty much my personal Bible so I was over the moon to see he had written another book dealing with mental health and how the world could be messing with our minds. This book pretty much follows the same format as RtSA but of course has a different subject matter. Matt discusses how the ever advancing technological world can be affecting our minds and is becoming more important than the people and things around us. Our rates of stress and anxiety are rising and despite being more connected, we can feel more alone. This isn’t a book where he wants to get rid of social media etc but how we can use it but still stay sane. A definite must-read and the hardback also has a rainbow pattern so what more could you want?


So those were my reads of the month. I’m currently reading The Word for Woman is Wilderness by Abi Andrews and I’m really enjoying it so far. What are you guys reading? Let us know in the comments!
Lots of Love,
Angharad @
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