Behind the Blogger Part II – Katy Belle

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I came across Katy’s Twitter account and therefore, blog, a few months back when another blogger promoted her. If you know me, you know I’m not a huge follower of fashion bloggers. Although I admire them greatly, I’m not into fashion and wear the same thing pretty much every day. Despite Katy being a fashion blogger, she is also a lifestyle blogger and I love her think pieces. Overall, regardless of what style of blogging you’re into, I think you’ll find something you like on Katy Belle’s blog! Here are some questions I asked her – 

When did you start your blog? And what inspired you to create it?
I started my blog back in April 2015. I’d been reading blogs for the longest time and finally thought, you know what, I love writing, I love being creative – I can do this too! I really just craved a creative outlet, because at the time I was working a job that gave me zero satisfaction and I just needed something fulfilling to work on. And so my blog came to fruition!

You have recently started up the #selflovestills tag on Instagram. What does this entail and what do you hope to achieve with it?
I actually wrote a blog post about this not too long ago, but I’ve basically always had a bit of a chaotic journey with self-love. It took me a really long time to understand what self-love actually is, and then an even longer time for me to actually start embracing it for myself. But I think self-love is so important, even in the most imperfect times. I started the hashtag so that others could share their self-love journeys – because I truly think it IS a journey, or more like a life-long investment in yourself. So, the hashtag is just a really positive place where people are showing themselves a whole lot of appreciation, they’re celebrating themselves, and I LOVE that. Like, yes, you do you, and love every single second of it.

You blog about a wide variety of topics such as fashion, lifestyle, travel etc. What are your favourite things to write about?
Personal style is very much the focus of my blog. I love creating visual style content, and then writing about a lifestyle topic to kind of complement the visuals. I’m not very good at just simply writing about the outfit I’m wearing – some bloggers do it really well, but when I try I’m just like, “I really love this jacket!!!” So I kind of combine my two passions – personal styling and writing. The topics that I cover in those types of posts can really vary, it could be a random thought that popped into my head whilst I was showering and I bulk it out into a coherent think piece, or it could be about a current topic – it could be anything. But I’d definitely say that’s my favourite approach to blogging at the moment, anyway. That said, I’d really love to be able to incorporate more travel content into my blog, and I’d totally do it if I had the means to travel more. I find creating content around travel so much fun, and as a reader of blogs I love consuming travel content. So, who knows, maybe 2018/2019 will see a lot more travel content on my blog. Here’s hoping, anyway!


In 2018, what do you hope to achieve with your blog? What’s on your blog’s To-Do list?
That’s really tough, you know, because as much as I love my blog I can’t help but feel that people just aren’t reading them quite as much as they used to. I’m not sure if I’m alone in feeling that way, but I’ve definitely seen a shift in how people consume content over the last year or so. Still, I love blogging and I think I always will. As well, I think having your domain is such an important thing as an online content creator. Social media platforms are booming right now but who knows where they’ll be in a few years? I think blogs will very much outlive a lot of them, so I’ll for sure keep a hold of mine. In terms of what I want to achieve with my blog, well, at the moment I’m finding it really difficult to actually sit down and actually blog. I work full-time as a marketing manager, and my boyfriend (who is also my photographer) also works full time, so trying to fit shoots into the weekends we have free can be so difficult. So honestly, I want to improve my time management tenfold and be able to blog a bit more consistently. I also want to keep pushing my creative boundaries, because there are so many things I want to try.


What has blogging taught you? Has it changed you as a person?
I definitely think it has changed me. For one, it has helped me grow my confidence in ways I didn’t ever think would be possible. I used to be the quietest, shiest gal – I never thought I’d be able to stand in the street and have someone take photos of me as people walked by! Nor did I think I’d ever be able to attend blogger events without knowing a single person in the room. It has also taught me a plethora of new skills – we all know by now how multifaceted a blogger’s skillset can be! I really do owe a lot to blogging, even being able to do the day job that I do, I wouldn’t be doing it if it weren’t for my blog.

If you want to see more from Katy, check out her blog and social media!
Blog | Twitter | Instagram


Lots of Love,
Angharad & Becky

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