Bloggers I’m Currently Loving Part III


So we’ve almost come to the end of February and after January decided to go on longer than a DFS sale, flying through this month has shook me. But for now, here are some more bloggers that I’ve been loving recently. Nothing inspires me more in the blogging community more than other bloggers and as I’ve said already, this is the year that we should all support each other!



Katy Belle is a Belfast-based fashion and lifestyle blog created by the wonderful Katy. Despite the blog focusing on Katy’s personal style, she also delves into topics such as beauty, music, travel and feminism. Katy pretty much rocks whatever she posts – and whatever she wears. Her blog is immediately inviting with the cute little illustration of her in the header and the amazing photography she creates. She recently created the hashtag #selflovestills on Instagram where she encourages us to love ourselves and post selfies and support each other and wrote a post about it here.
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I came across Rebecca’s blog when I saw one of her latest blog posts where she discussed living with OCD (I saw it recommended in a newsletter but I’m subscribed to so many that I can’t remember which one!) Despite not living with OCD myself, I do have other mental health issues and I know how hard it is to talk about it so of course, I immediately fell in love with Rebeccca and her blog (and Instagram and her little dog, Josie!) She posts everything from skin-care, self-development and growth with some style and book recommendations thrown in to. Her photography is to die for and I always find myself looking forward to her posts.
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Daisybutter is a ‘blog of moments’ written by the amazing Michelle Chai. Did I come across this blog only today? Yes. But is it already a strong favourite? Yes. I spent most of the day going through her amazing and witty posts including her Sundaze series where she talks about her week’s highlights and recommends some of her favourite blog posts. Amongst Michelle’s various lifestyle, travel and style posts, some of my recent favourites are a post which she talked about the Chinese New Year (I’m a rat!) and a post celebrating her gal pals which you can find here!
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HC is a personal journal and lifestyle blog run by Hannah Cao. Her blog covers everything from travel, art, thought pieces and a recent piece about the toxicity of social media. Her photography is beautiful – from her film-like stills to her flat-lays and her writing is genius. Hannah is also passionate about writing and giving advice to her readers such as the do’s and don’ts of killing your characters. She has also self-published her own collection of poetry, Naked As We Came (!!) which you can find on Goodreads here. It’s clear to me Hannah is definitely going to be a huge source of inspiration to me in the future.
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Millie Ryan is a UK fashion/beauty and lifestyle blog run by, yes you guessed it, Millie Ryan. This girl is hilarious and I often find myself laughing out loud at her posts, including one of her most recent ‘7 Signs You Shouldn’t Text Him Back.’ Amongst her witty posts, you can also find her thoughts on mental health and dating. If you want more from her, you can also sign up to her newsletter here. Overall, Millie’s blog is full of beautiful photos (in which she can rock every outfit ever) and humorous and thoughtful content. She’s been a favourite of mine for a while now and I’m sure she will be yours too!
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I hope you found a new favourite and go and show them some love!
Best Wishes,

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