Twenty-Five goals by 25

Me Mousey

So, I’m turning twenty-five this June, and I have to say I’ve been having a bit of a quarter life crisis about this. I’ve got to that stage where I’m constantly moaning about being old to my mostly younger work colleagues, where I can’t stay up past 10pm without getting moody, where a night in with a takeaway sounds way more appealing than going out drinking until the next morning, and where I take midday naps on my days off.
I don’t quite feel as young as that chubby redhead baby (also can we just talk about how nineties everything in that photo is?) but I don’t feel like I’m halfway to fifty either – so I decided to make a little list of goals that I want to complete in the next four months before my birthday. Some of these are tiny things, and some are huge goals that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time – hopefully though, I’ll get them all done or have them planned in before my birthday!

25 goals by 25:

1. Visit three new countries

2. Visit a new continent

3. Take a trip to Machu Picchu (I already have this booked in for June!)

4. Start my driving lessons

5. Hit 1000 followers on Instagram

6. Attend more bookish/publishers events

7. Read Les Miserables (and finish it!)

8. Go on holiday with Angharad!

9. Start a bullet journal

10. Find the best way forward to help reduce my anxiety on a day to day basis

11. Be happy in my own skin

12. Get my hair done properly (yes this is a tiny thing and not really something to aspire to but I haven’t even had my hair professionally cut since 2014 and I feel like a good chop will help me a lot!)

13. Read another 40 books

14. Design more candles for our store (or even just for myself) based on my favourite books

15. Properly rearrange my bookshelves and do a big unhaul

16. See a musical on stage

17. Get tattoo #9 (and maybe #10 as well…)

18. Organise my wardrobe and declutter stuff I don’t wear/need anymore (which there’s a lot of)

19. Climb a mountain

20. Do a 24 hour readathon

21. Find a way to arrange my time better that works for me and doesn’t leave me exhausted all the time

22. Visit a wonder of the world

23. Find a new favourite book/series

24. (Very vague and very typical, but,) try and work out where I want to be going in terms of a career/further study

25. Go to more art galleries and museums


Like I say, some of these are easier than others and some are already planned in, but I’m going to try my best to do them all by June! I’ll try to keep updating this and will post a full update when I hit the dreaded twenty five and might start feeling like a “proper adult”.

wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Twenty-Five goals by 25

  1. This is so good and such a good idea! Ranging from big to small, I think I might try to write a bucket list of sorts (I did when I was 16 but these involved “going to a bedstore in my pajamas” – the thought of going outside in PJs weirds me out now…! Haha!)


  2. Machu Picchu is absolutely amazing/beautiful (especially if you set your alarm to catch the earliest bus and watch the sun rise and break through the heavy clouds that hid the ruins from the Spanish all those centuries ago. Seriously it’s worth it.) and you will love it!! (Plus this trip doubles as seeing a wonder of the world) Going there was on my own bucket list and I was not disappointed when I finally got the opportunity to go!
    Also seeing a musical on stage will give you all the feels. It’s honestly an experience that never gets old for me (but then again I’m a huge theatre/musical nerd lol)
    I think this list is awesome and even though I won’t be turning 25 until 2019 you’ve inspired me to make a list nonetheless!


  3. I absolutely love this! I did a similar thing last year called 30 before 30 (same premise, but I’m older haha!). I think it really makes you think about what you want to do NOW as opposed to what you want to do at some point.I like that you’ve mixed travel and books and lifestyle, and that there is BIG goals and smaller goals.

    I really hope you can complete as many of these as you can, but more importantly, that you enjoy doing them.

    My 30 before 30 list:


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