28th January // TEENSgate Blogger Event #3


So, I’m sure my fellow Northern UK bloggers can agree that the majority of bookish events aren’t easily accessible for us as they tend to take place in London. Over the past few months, Kimi and Fiona at TEENSgate (Waterstones Deansgate in Manchester) have been arranging events for book bloggers at the store. The events are now just run by Kimi as Fiona has left Waterstones, but she’s still coming along and is a huge part of our little blogging group! Last week, the third TEENSgate event took place, and although I’ve attended all three, I somehow forgot to take photos each time. Luckily this time I came away with some photos, so I just wanted to talk about the events, what we do and how you can join in if you’re in the area!


This month’s event was sponsored by Penguin, who sent us all a copy of The Truth and Lies of Ella Black by Emily Barr, plus the movie tie-in cover of Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda/Love Simon. The aim of this event was to help launch The Truth and Lies of Ella Black – due to Penguin sponsoring the event for us, they’ll be promoting our posts on the book once we’ve read and reviewed it!

We also got to raid Kimi’s stash of books, as she had kindly bought some in that she wanted to get rid of after moving house and not having space for them. I ended up going home with more books than I expected (and actually still feel as though I’ve been lifting weights days later).


At the first two events, most of us have been too shy and awkward to interact with everyone else and have stuck to our friendship groups – as usual, I attended with Amy, Lauren and Beth. This time though, we’d all made the effort to connect on Twitter beforehand and planned to meet in the Cafe in Waterstones before the event started. I think this definitely helped to break the tension a bit and got us all talking a bit more! It was also a really nice chance to properly meet people I’d already been following online and put faces to names. We discussed books (of course), blog post ideas, Fiona’s upcoming Illuminae series readalong (take a look at it on her blog if you’re interested!) and as always, future Teensgate events.


The next event is taking place in March and will be focusing on Love, Simon – if you’re interested in coming to future events or even just finding out a bit more, follow @TEENSgate on Twitter – Kimi posts regular updates there about the upcoming events and I’d definitely recommend coming along if you can! We’re a friendly (if socially awkward) bunch – and I’m fairly sure the majority of us haven’t been teens for a good few years, including myself, so don’t let the group name put you off coming if you’re an older YA book lover like I am.

lots of love,

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