Independent Book Shop Series // Mr B’s Emporium



Mr B’s Emporium 
14-15 John Street,
BA1 2JL,
United Kingdom

Hidden amongst a cluster of other shops in one of the many alleys in Bath’s centre is an  eccentric little book shop home to Mr B and his literary delights. When researching my trip to Bath, I googled independent bookshops in the area and this was my first find! Unfortunately I couldn’t get a full shot of the exterior because it was at that moment I saw the celebrity, Ricky Gervais coming out of a small pub opposite and I got a bit star-struck. However, with the fun little paintings and view of the books within, you can’t help but fall in love instantly.


As you enter the shop, you can see that it is split into different sections – you enter one area where you can find the till and lovely employees and your first selection of books. You can then either go downstairs (past a cute record collection) into another area filled with books and an interestingly decorated ceiling.


Back upstairs and through a narrow hallway past the first area, you will find (much to my mother’s delight) a free-standing bath full of books! This room is dedicated to both children and Young Adult books, complete with a fantastic cardboard tree at the centre of the room. Now, onto the third floor!


The third and final floor has to be my favourite – not only will you find more books (did you guess this was a bookshop?) but you can also find a little seating area and a station where you can make a cup of tea or coffee so you can sit down and read in front of the fire. I didn’t take a photo of the seating area because it was occupied but think cosy armchairs, steaming cups of tea and a good book!



Finally, a little area connected to this room that I first thought was a bathroom but no, it’s another little beautifully decorated reading area. I kind of feel that this was made for me – small, compact and only room for one and it also includes a little stash of books! It’s clear so much thought was put into this bookshop, to the point that it feels like a home more than just a shop. It is full to the brim with books of every genre, welcoming staff and decorated to allure every type of reader. I definitely recommend visiting this delightful shop if you find yourself in Bath. If you go onto their website, you can find the story of what inspired this shop and it’s a must-read.
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