Bloggers I’m Currently Loving Part II


Welcome to part II of the bloggers who I am obsessed with at the moment. I’ll just go ahead and say that bloggers are already smashing it in 2018 and I want to do whatever I can to promote them and congratulate their hard work because let’s face it, this game isn’t easy. In slightly unrelated news, you may have noticed that we now have our own domain name! We finally made this leap and now I can’t stop staring at it. I don’t miss the ‘’ at all. Anyway, back to the important people who have inspired me, made me laugh and even made me cry recently. 



Vix is a blogger, comedian, social commentator and blogger based in London. Her signature? She is bloody funny. Her blog posts will make you laugh and they will cheer you up such as ‘How Not To Be a Twat This Veganuary’ and ‘When Blogging Turns You Into a Prick.’ However, she also blew me away with her emotional post titled I Miss My Mum’. Amongst her witty posts and the occasional ones that make me cry, she also offers tips on everything from blogging, mental illness and even how to stop being so forgetful (which is a post I needed.) Check her out and wish you were as cool as her!
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Kirsty is a UK travel blogger with a love for peanut butter and penguins. Although not together. I came across her after finding her post on ‘How To Use LinkedIn’ which was a life saviour and was my Bible when I came to creating my own account. Since then, she gave a speech at #BlogAtTheBeach 2018 where she gave tips on how to present the perfect pitch to brands. I couldn’t imagine how much courage that took. Overall, Kirsty’s blog is the type you need in your life with a mixture of travel tips and beautiful portraits.
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Beth is a lifestyle blogger also focusing on travel and fashion blogging. Ok, so not only is Beth one of the most stunning humans I’ve ever seen (can your next blog post be about how your genes work??) but her blog, Instagram, Twitter and life in general are just a dream to follow. Her witty humour, clever mind and beautiful photographs make it almost impossible for me not to keep refreshing her blog for the next post. My recent favourites include her post on The Blogging Industry’ and 5 Steps for a Happier Life Online.’ Basically, she is ultimate blog, life and face goals.
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Allie is a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger based in the U.K. Somewhat of a recent find (it was last night) but doesn’t it tell you something that I already want to scream about how good her blog is?? In a few hours, I’ve probably managed to up her blog traffic by 50% but for good reason! Her photographs, blog design and general content is so interesting and she has an upcoming newsletter which you can subscribe to here. (I’m so excited!)
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Alex is a stylist and events designer based in Cornwall. I stumbled across her blog and fell in love instantly, just look at those photos! Then came her writing and I fell in love all over again – it is clear that this girl is a natural storyteller. One of her most recent posts is based on the #MeToo movement and her account almost brought me to tears. On top of that, she has posted about the year ahead and her first year of marriage.
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Gwennan is a twenty-something lifestyle blogger and a fellow Welshie. Both of us have the Welshest names ever. Anyway, she blogs about everything from running a business, life, opinions and tips on how to bullet journal. She also runs an Etsy shop selling the cutest little greeting cards! Her recent posts are 5 Easy Ways To Update Your Blog and she shares her 2017 bullet journal with us here. Maybe I’m biased because I’ll always support my fellow Welsh bloggers but even so, Gwennan is a blogger you need in your life.
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Lots of Love,
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6 thoughts on “Bloggers I’m Currently Loving Part II

  1. Ooohh i love this « idea » of posts!! Let’s all give some love to other bloggers, not only focusing on our very own 💕 I’ll head over and follow a couple of them xx


  2. Thank you for these blog recommendations! I’m checking out all the blogs from part 1 as well. I love posts like this because 1. I get amazing recommendations, but also 2. I love it when blogs spread the love and I feel like bloggers in general are just such nice people!


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