Independent Book Shop Series // Cover to Cover

Welcome to a new series we are starting at Two Book Thieves! We will be visiting and featuring independent bookshops around the U.K. (obviously over a period of time.) Becky and I both live in a big city and our first stop to buy books, other than online, is in mainstream shops such as Waterstones and WHSmith. However, we also realise that independent book shops do exist (albeit not a lot in my area) and they deserve a lot more credit and support and that is what we aim to do with this series. So without further ado, here is the first Independent Book Shop on our list!

Cover to Cover

Cover to Cover, 58 Newton Road, 
Mumbles, Swansea, SA3 4BQ

Situated on a busy main street just off our famous seafront is this quaint independent book shop with the coolest alliterated name. Despite shopping on this street when I was younger, I unfortunately didn’t see this shop which is a shame because from first glance, I just knew it was going to be worth the hunt. The shop window is inviting with a vast array of books, featuring heavily on children’s books which is always good – and the little note welcoming us into 2018!



As we entered the shop, we were welcomed with a warm hello before being left to look around for ourselves (which is my best kind of welcome.) The front of the shop is packed full with children’s books and the cutest little armchairs so they can sit down and have a browse. The rest of the shop is divided into our typical genres, including a Bestsellers shelf which I immediately went to. A lot of the books were turned outwards which made looking a lot easier but of course made cover-buying all the more easy.


inside 2.jpg


At the back of the shop, you step down into another little room with some more books and bookish goodies such as moleskin journals, pin badges (Read Local!) and crafts fitting to the area – art prints of the seafront, books on Dylan Thomas and postcards and mugs with photos of the area. These are a really nice touch but aren’t too much to take it away from being a book shop.


After a while of choosing one thing to buy (I’m on a ban), I finally settled on another Agatha Christie book and I was delighted when it was wrapped in a brown paper bag stamped with ‘Books Are My Bag!’ Also at the till area, you will find a little basket of various bookmarks and bookplates, a few little miscellaneous books and some tote bags. Luckily, I left with just my new book and didn’t tip all the bookmarks into my pocket.

Overall, this shop definitely made me glad that we have started this series and if you are ever in my area, please pop in and have a look. Or if not, go over to their Facebook page or Twitter and give it a like! Independent book shops do purely rely on advertisement and more importantly, word of mouth and hopefully we achieve it with this post. You will feel warm and welcome in this quaint shop and will probably leave with at least one thing.
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Lots of Love,
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8 thoughts on “Independent Book Shop Series // Cover to Cover

  1. Beautiful photos, and a great idea for a series! York is absolutely full of independent bookshops (a little far from Swansea though). Unfortunately, I find with some of these independent shops that they are even pricier than Waterstones – and I find Waterstones expensive! I tend to stick to buying my books online / in charity shops, although I love browsing in the atmosphere of old bookshops and independent stores. 🙂


  2. One of my favourite things about travelling in the UK was visiting all the tiny book shops – there’s just nothing like it in Australia, especially not in the little place I live. Until last year we didn’t even have a book shop! When I go back to the UK in June, I am so excited to properly take photos and enjoy the indie book stores – I am writing up a list of all the places I visited and realising I forgot to take photos and didn’t visit any in Edinbugh!


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