Bloggers I’m Currently Loving Part I

So lately I’ve been doing a lot of blog-browsing – both of the book, lifestyle and interior variety. It’s nothing short of inspirational to see all of these people out there making the effort to share their words and photos with us. I’ve followed a lot more blogs, Instagram feeds and Twitters this week and I’ve decided to periodically list some bloggers that have really stood out for me. Go and show them some support as we all know how hard blogging can be and I hope you find a new favourite to browse through this winter! 



Lauren is a 22 year old blogger who primarily blogs about books and lifestyle but is also passionate about mental health and feminism. Her posts are fun and her photos colourful but she isn’t afraid to delve into deeper topics such as where to go in life and the ‘instant gratification generation.’ She also posts regularly on life updates – even taking part in Blogtober in which she posted every day for a month! Overall, definitely a must-visit blog that I think you guys should check out.
Instagram | Twitter



So I came across Clara’s book blog a while back and I fell in love – it is neat and simplistic but still manages to be informative and exciting. Clara is a French book-blogger who we now happen to be working with for Two Candle Thieves! As well as recommending books and telling us about her latest reads and monthly favourites, she has helpful posts such as tips on Bookstagram editing and how to read when you’re busy (which we all need info on.) Go and check her out and fall in love with her aesthetic just as I did.
Instagram | Twitter



Rhianna is an award-winning lifestyle blogger from Leeds in the UK. I only came across her blog recently, more specifically her amazing post discussing body image postivity and from that moment on, I’ve been keeping up to date. Her posts delve into the worlds of lifestyle, travel, beauty and fashion as well as helpful posts such as making a living as a blogger and social media presence which you can find here. Add in a few fun posts about her festival trips and you’ll find a top-notch blogger here!
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Did you honestly think I would write a post like this without including my blogging idol? Grace is a British blogger currently travelling around Australia (go and give her your best wishes) who focuses on books, health, sex and outright honesty in everything she posts. Words flow effortlessly from this girl and you can’t help but love everything she writes and shares with us such as a newspaper article titled ‘I Am More Than My Scars’ and a blog post about periods with the world’s best title ‘A Bloody Red Alert.’ Basically, you need Grace and her words in your life so what are you waiting for?
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Sarah is a UK lifestyle and book blogger who is quickly becoming one of my favourites. Her blog is neat and simplistic and yet manages to grab your attention with her bright and colourful photos. As well as posting our much-loved reviews, wrap-ups and hauls, Sarah has published posts on everything from mental health to gift guides. If you’re looking for everything bookish and colourful and informative, this blog is definitely for you!
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And last but certainly not least is Laura – the one woman culture, lifestyle, food and travel blog with added book and television reviews thrown in. Despite all these topics, Laura’s blog manages to grab your attention as soon as you click on to it. Whilst scrolling through her blog you want to travel, eat and read all at the same time. Lately she has featured Oxford’s Most Beautiful Libraries, Christmas Gift Essentials and a book review for The Anxiety Solution. Laura’s blog is definitely the place to go when you need to be inspired – no matter in what aspect of life.
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Lots of Love,
Angharad @
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