Diversity Recs: Aromantic/Asexual Characters in Fiction

This time for our diversity recommendations we are listing books that feature asexual/aromantic characters. Unfortunately, it was near enough impossible to find YA books for this topic but we did find some sci-fi, short stories and fantasy so we hope there will be something for everyone. In case there are any mix-ups, asexual people have no sexual feelings towards another person and aromantic people experience little or no romantic attraction/feelings towards another person. Being an aromantic asexual is also common and we will list which sexualities are featured in each book. So without further ado, here’s what we found!

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Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire
This young-adult fantasy novella is packed full of diversity despite being so small. Our main character is asexual (whose identity is confirmed and discussed), there is a trans boy whose identity is discussed in a wonderful and fascinating way and there are also secondary characters, one of Japanese descent and the other is Latino. This story takes place in a home for ‘wayward children’ and all is seemingly normal, except for the disappearing children who end up in magical lands. Heartbreakingly beautiful, reminiscent of Narnia and yet jam-packed with diversity.

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Fourth World by Lyssa Chiavari

Book one in an ongoing trilogy, Fourth World follows the story of Nadin, a girl who is doing everything to stop her planet from dying even if that means defying its leaders. When a mysterious alien boy, by the name of Isaak, arrives in the citidome from another world, Nadin knows her plan will work if they work together. Featuring an almost entirely PoC cast and LGBT characters, this YA dystopian stands apart from the more well-known ones and yet isn’t heard of. The reason this book is featured in this list is because our main character, Nadine is in the ace-spectrum and so is Isaak. A sci-fi, dystopian YA novel with ace protagonists? Add this to your TBR!

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Chameleon Moon by RoAnna Sylver

This primarily fantasy, dystopian young-adult novel features (get ready…) a cast of characters (mainly PoC) dealing with mental/physical disabilities, a trans woman as a MC and an interracial, queer polyamorous family. Adding to that, we have asexual characters and even discussions of their sexuality. If you’re not sold already, I don’t know what else you could want. There are multiple PoVs and each person has their own identity and voice.  Taking away the sci-fi aspects, this is a book about character development in this diverse, dystopian world. There’s also a mechanical dog!


The Galloway Road by Catherine Adams

Upon recommending me this iBook, the person said it is reminiscent of Skyrim and as a gamer, I almost fell over myself rushing to buy it. Not only that but it features an asexual protagonist who undergoes some serious character development in such a short book – uncovering secrets about herself and her abilities. This book puts a lot of emphasis on friendship and its value and manages to encapsulate the fantasy world in just a few pages without romance being a huge factor. Released early this year, I believe this novella is a hidden gem that should be added to everyone’s TBR.


The Cybernetic Tea Shop by Meredith Katz

I can sum up this novella by saying that it is just incredibly cute, atmospheric and just gives you a warm feeling in your belly. We follow the story of Clara, a highly-skilled technician specialising in ‘RAISE’ which are AI companions. Never staying in one place for too long because of her roots, Clara moves to Seattle and is recommended a cute but different tea shop. Here she meets Sal, an original (and now illegal) robot who still runs the shop years after her owner’s death. The two form a unique bond and eventually a romantic one albeit sexual as Clara is asexual and Sal is unable to physically have sex. It is the journey of their relationship but also of the concept of moving on.

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We Awaken by Calista Lynne

A fairly new release, this young-adult novel is described as a coming-out story/tale of self-discovery mixed with fantasy. It is a quiet love story between two asexual lesbians – Victoria and Ashlinn. So not just one asexual protagonist, but two and the author makes this clear early on in the novel. The entire book reads in a dreamlike form, so it’s lyrical, atmospheric and beautiful. It is primarily a love story and it probably won’t be known for its plot/action but if you’re looking for an important love between two girls, this is definitely the book for you. Oh, and look at that stunning cover!

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The Last Chronomancer by Reilyn J. Hardy

Allow me to shimmy on over to you presenting an asexual/aromantic protagonist in a fantasy novel *balloons fall from the sky.* But seriously, this story follows nineteen-year old, Maestri Craft from a small town living a perfectly normal life (as all fantasies start) and this was ideal for him, not for his friend, Jace though. Jace is turning two decades old and in the eyes of their people, this makes him a man and he wants to prove it. Together, the two set off on a journey as they encounter winged horses, vampires and hags to name but a few. Many aromantic asexuals are portrayed as being cold-hearted but Mae is soft and gentle and cares deeply about his best friend. Definitely a must-read.


5 thoughts on “Diversity Recs: Aromantic/Asexual Characters in Fiction

  1. These all sound wonderful! I went ahead and bought Fourth World and The Galloway Road – they were both very affordable through Amazon Kindle – and added the rest to my wishlist! Thank you so much for these great recommendations 😀


  2. As an ace person this is a really great list, thank you! I'm just worried with regards to the fact that the post is called 'Aromantic/Asexual Characters in Fiction', even though this list only includes one aromantic character, who would qualify for inclusion if the list was just for 'Asexual Characters' anyway. I'm not sure it's fair that your title implies that this list includes multiple aro inclusions, on an equal footing with the ace ones. I'm sorry if I'm sticking my nose in, but I'm worried that any aros who come to this list looking for representation will be disappointed. I know you posted this a while ago now, but maybe you could add some aro recs, or clarify somewhere that these are mostly ace recs? I'm also sorry if you've had a similar comment from me on this from Bloglovin' – the comment I posted there vanished the second I sent it, and I wanted to make sure it got through.


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